Power Outage Preventive Post

Tomorrow right around the time I normally post the power could be on or it could be off. I would use the Schrodinger’s analogy, but I will have an outcome and never have to wonder if I open the fridge will the light be on. Unfortunately, I will not know until either too early or too late. Being a proactive solutions oriented fellow I am writing this now.

I would like to say I have Puddles and Whiskers, but I do not. I am writing a rather large section which is not ready for show. Sorry.

I can with the exception of two vehicles I have finished my Deathwatch army…for now. 40k is a weird sort of cold war mechanic to it. You do not need to participate. You can build what you like and be done. However, you may find yourself on the losing end a lot. When you live with three other players and have a fourth who plays, the cold war mechanic comes into play a lot.

I have three squads of infantry and two troop transports. That was all I was going to build. Then our boy built a plane and a huge squad of something or the other. To counter this I built a dreadnaught. Then he built one. Then he got a plane. Now I have one. I added jump pack troops and so did he.

Eventually you reach a point where enough is enough or you figure you have enough for any situation. I’m between both of those. I am done painting mostly black everything with a bit of gold and red for color. I need something new to paint just for variety, see if I know what other colors of paint there are. After our last big game I know I have enough for most situations and as long as I play well I should do fine. However, there is a limit to this and I know that a few units here or there added to anyone’s army means I will need to add something to mine. For now though, I am almost finished. Not my first finished army, but my first finished army in over 10-years and close to double the size of previous armies.

Painting and writing out of the way, I spent more time practicing disc golf with our girl. She has a funny way to throw. I have no clue why I never noticed or she could have been goofing off, but when she threw her disc and kicked her leg out like a bowler or ballerina I almost fell over. Her disc flew off into the distance and she had to chase it. A few hours of teaching her how I threw a disc resulted in some good family fun and bonding time, but I never did get her to keep that food down. Maybe her flamingo stance will pay off, but for now she keeps losing at horse. 🙂


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