Puddles and Whiskers, Reality Check


Reality Check

“How much longer?” Whiskers asked.

“As long as it takes!” Puddles yelled.

Picking up his coffee mug, Whiskers walked to his side of the desk and sat on a corner, “That is not good for our business. You saw the vid, you heard what the doctor said to Eth’s gangers, and we are over our heads. Time to cut our losses.”

Clenching her fists, tail slashing like Whisker’s katana, eyes narrowed, Puddles rounded on Whiskers, “Cut our losses!” She hissed each word.

“Yes,” Whiskers replied coolly.

Puddles slammed her cup of coffee onto her side of the desk splashing coffee everywhere. She kicked her chair out of her way before leaning against the edge. Her anger counter to the calm demeanor of Whiskers who waited for her anger to pass.

She took two deep calming breaths, not that her body language said calming down at all, “We got played into killing some gangers for someone else and we did not get paid at all for it. Someone else sent us data leading towards discovering who did it. We are closing in on them.”

“Are we?”

“What!” Puddles shouted all pretense of calming down vanished. “Yes, we are closing in on them. With Eth’s gangers we can get behind the doctors and get some payback.”

Whiskers took a long drink of coffee, setting his cup down, “Who is they?” Holding up a paw to stall her instant response, “I want you to think about this before responding. We do not know who hired us in the first place, correct?”

Puddles nodded.

“We do not know who sent us the data, correct?”

Puddles nodded a second time.

“We do know that based on the information the gangers learned that our case will involve action against the doctors and possibly whoever is backing them?”

“Hell yeah it will.”

“Great, who are they then? Other than the doctor looking for gangers to experiment on, we know nothing. Are you prepared, seriously prepared, to take on Titan or some other corporation? I am not and I am not ready to sacrifice our agency either.”

Picking up her coffee, taking a long drink, her tail relaxed slowing down to what Whiskers thought of as her “thoughtful look.” As she set her cup down, “You may have a point.”

“I know we did not get paid and we did get played. Unfortunately…”

“Unfortunately,” Puddles interrupted, “we don’t know a damn thing for sure.” Holding up her paw to stop Whiskers response, “And the longer we continue to investigate on our own the more we risk,” she finished with a toothy smirk.

“Sadly true.”

With her foot, she pulled her chair over and sat down, “What now?”

“We move onto paying cases. We do not let this go. Instead of blindly following everything sent our way, we do what we do best; we investigate and find our own path.”

“No more chasing cheating spouse cases, please.”

“Fine with me. We need to put Chuck on the payroll; he did a lot of work for us for no pay.”

Shaking her head with amusement, “Agreed, but he doesn’t get his own desk in here.”

“You make that call and I will contact Eth to let him know his gangers are off the hook.”


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