Robotech RPG Tactics, Wave Two of Talking

While I continue to work on new Puddles and Whiskers with a focus on a new story I have paid attention to rumblings over on the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter. Yes, that thing is still ongoing. I know right, how is it possible that after 3+ years a project that has shown ZERO proof of progress could still be active? Seems all you as a creator has to do to avoid ANY action at all by Kickstarter or for that matter the legal system is to continually and semi-regularly say something somewhere along the lines of “We are still doing stuff about the thing and that we are doing stuff, not that we can show or tell you about the stuff we are doing, means we are making an effort, which means you backers can’t do anything other than grumble about that thing we assure you we are doing stuff about and we sure as hell can continue to mention that thing and how great it will be once we get that stuff done.”

Or something  along those lines. Remember Kickstarter creators who drop the ball and need a way out of being sued to death, IF you borrow the above, please give credit where credit is due, because while I cannot sue you for being an fucktard and screwing up the Kickstarter I can sue you for plagiarism and a whole bunch of other isms. Always cite your sources. 🙂

Why “Wave Two of Talking” because a new talking head has appeared and he is talking about Wave Two and the future of a game that is so dead he might be a necromancer (it is also a not so subtle play on the missing Wave Two product and a new spokesperson). His name is Scott.

Here is what I can say for Scott, he writes better than anyone before (low threshold for those wondering). To this date he has kept his word, meaning that he has not promised anything other than to post updates more frequently. His particulars are vague. His better writing is also vague, at times condescending, and he is on a tight leash.

All of that being said, he has managed to put out several updates full of nothing that read better, but I said that already. I do not know why he, as the new spokesperson is not allowed to say the following, but he should be able to say all of the following:

1.) Palladium Books is sorry

2.) Palladium Boos is sorry

3.) Here is the real story, complete transparency, with the Kickstarter including how much, where, what, and why without any blaming, without any finger pointing or anything else that backers have been subjected to for 3+ years

4.) Here is the real story on where the Kickstarter is or isn’t; an honest with PROOF, of where the project is in production or if the project is dead

5.) Palladium Books will stop sounding like the gaming version of Donald Trump with “how great everything will be and Robotech RPG Tactics is the greastest and biggest, and will be the greatest, bestest, yadda yadda yadda.” Seriously, whoever continues to write about how great Robotech is doing is every other form of media and the potential for a movie and then tying that to this project does not understand how that works and is only sounding like a fool.

6.) Palladium Books is offering as a sign of goodwill and an honest effort to restart relations with 5,000+ people who generously funded whatever (speculation continues to run rampant where 1.4 million went) over the past 3+ years the following:

a.) A FULL refund no questions asked and no bullshit, just a FULL refund

b.) An Amazon gift card for X dollars for continuing to wait; DO NOT offer Palladium Books project, I know that is a money saving move, but if you read the comments there are roughly 5000+ who want NOTHING from Palladium Books other than what they paid for 3+ years ago.

c.) Should Wave Two get produced a little bonus in the form of some of the “convention exclusive figures”

Personally, if I was Scott and/or Palladium Books I would start with 1 AND 2 written by Scott, not anyone else as the last two mouthpieces couldn’t write their way out of a wet paper bag and tended to piss off more people than anything else. Then after the apology, again if I was Scott and/or Palladium Books, I would move to 6.

But that is me.

I expect more better written smoke and mirrors.


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