Summer Vacation Nearing The End

School for the children is soon and I am looking forward to them going back to school. I say that now and I know that a few months after Christmas I will once again complain that the children are not getting enough time to be children and play games with the family. However, that being said, right now I am close to being very over summer vacation.

I figured once I graduated I would have all the time in the world to write and in a way I do. Unless you count the children who have a very nasty and irritating habit of interrupting my writing time, unless I am working on a blog such as this one. Seems they no problem letting me write about them, parenting, games, and life. But the second I even think about writing Puddles and Whiskers or anything that requires thought and potential they have something that needs my attention or a distraction or…fuck all just being kids.

Any guess what time of day or night I write Puddles and Whiskers? Your guess and the actual time may explain a few things about Puddles and Whiskers drafts that appear here. I’ll wait while you guess…




Who said 1am?


If you guessed 1am you are correct and you have an idea why sometimes Puddles and Whiskers was written by a very tired individual. Unfortunately that is my time to write anything serious while they are on summer vacation and I have had about enough.

Other than the writing, fighting, work ethic (currently our boy only, hopefully not infectious), and general inability to entertain themselves as much as I would like I love having the kids home. The amount of fun we have had between the above list 🙂 is staggering. Summer vacation, at least this one, has been busy doing stuff we as a family have not been able to do for over a decade and watching them grow is amazing.

When we first moved in, late last August, we got to see a hint of what they would do with almost 2 acres. This summer more bike riding, more running around, toss in a sprinkler-the fun they have had with spraying water was worth the price of the sprinkler-attempting to fly kites, attempting to fly a drone, driving a remote controlled truck, disc golf, frisbee (NOT disc golf as our girl routinely “yells” at me), discovering what is at the center of a golf ball, the various bugs, bird feeder, chipmunks, and everything else not on the list.

They took to outside and have not looked back, for the most part. Until last year they never had a yard to do anything in and right after we moved in they went to school, thus play time outside very limited. Which why other than my very small list of complaints and who doesn’t like to read the adventures of two cats written by someone at 1 am this summer vacation has been one of the best times of this parent’s life.


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