A 30-Day Farewell To Al Roker

A part of my morning ritual is no more. Hasn’t been for just over a week. I thought I might miss that part and reverse my decision. I have not. Monday thru Friday upon waking I turned on the Today show to watch Al Roker. Al Roker put a smile on my face; he is a funny man and if you know me I like genuine, funny people. Unfortunately two things happened…

  1. Al Roker is on the Today show less and less for the period leading up to number two.
  2. We receive notification that our combined cable package (cable, internet, and oddly enough a phone) is going up in price by close to 50 dollars. What!

It did not take longer than 5 minutes to decide to get rid of cable and the phone. I have no clue why a home phone line is included in the package. No clue. We never had a home phone installed. How hard was it to get rid of cable? Here is how much cable we watched during a week:

  1. An hour, maybe two, in the morning watch Al Roker on the Today show. No Al Roker, no watch.
  2. An hour of news, half-hour of local and world. Two things here, I read a lot of news which would lead to me NOT turning on local or world news because here at least they read news instead of reporting the news. The other thing, why is the world news only a half-hour? There is a lot of world to report on and a lot of what happens in the world affects us and vice versa.
  3. An hour of game shows, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy when I did not immediately turn off cable after world news.

Add that up and at most during a day cable was on for 4 hours. Four hours! What is our television used for if not for non-stop cable? Movies, video games, and dust collector. TV’s collect a lot of dust. Where is the dust device on televisions? A device that either instantly cleans dust on televisions or turns dust into something useful…such as…well I don’t know what; better minds than mine can figure it out.

What happens when you go to turn your cable off here? The salesperson behind the counter was incredulous, “Why would I NOT want cable?” Not wanting the phone made sense. Not wanting cable borders on heresy. However, when you explain how much you watch cable…didn’t really improve the look of “What is wrong with you?” Dropping my love of watching Al Roker in the morning did improve things.

Turns out I am not alone in watching Al Roker because he puts smiles on faces. That being said, “Why am I not watching more cable?” The visit to turn off cable ends like this, after taking back their equipment, confirming we still have internet, a much lower monthly bill, the salesperson says, “Excellent, before you leave, I want you to know in 30-days time you can come back and get the introduction package and price again for a year.”

Baffled I ask, “I wait 30-days and I get everything I just gave you back cheaper?”


“Then at the end of a year, I can repeat this?”


And people think not having cable is crazy.


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