Unfinished Summer Bucket List

I could tell you all of the things we have done this summer as part of a “How We Spent Our Summer” post, but if you are a regular reader and you are a regular reader, right? If not become a regular reader. 🙂 Since I routine chronicle what we have done how about something different the things we have not done. No, not in a depressing or complaining way at all…I hope.

At the start of the summer each of us made a bucket list of things we wanted to do by the end of summer; end of summer as defined by kids in school not by the end of the season. Try as we might some things have not gotten done…yet…there are plenty of summers ahead.

  1. Top of everyone’s bucket list, a trip to the beach. Given that the state is surrounded by water, most of it at least, going to the beach, any beach would seem to be a no brainer. Unfortunately due to a combination of weather and work schedules we have yet to go. In a way its funny because on Barb’s days off we either have something that needs to get done or the weather has not cooperated, cold temperatures or rain.
  2. Related to the beach, kayaking and canoeing. Neither on my list, but on most everyone else’s list. Seems one or two experiences in a kayak or canoe caught their interest. Like the beach above…in fact the beach above is why.
  3. Visit each of the Great Lakes, this was mine as part of a travel around the state idea, something I hope we can do. I thought it would be fun to see each of the lakes and along the way go to places we have not been. Problem is that we do not like long car trips or maybe more correctly, we are easily distracted and tend to stop in places, find a bunch of stuff to do and then instead of traveling on we head home.
  4. Fishing. Our girl wants to fish. I like to fish or at least I like to toss a line in and read a book or write. I have no idea why we haven’t done this, there is a bridge near our place where people routinely fish off of day and night.
  5. Visit a few local comic cons. Before the summer started we found as many small, local, single or weekend comic cons as we could. Then as the summer unfolded we discovered that some of them were further away than we thought, our bad for not researching the location, but more than a few were more expensive to get into that three days at Motor City.  On the plus side in a few months a couple of larger cons arrive.

Not bad for the top five things we have not done this summer and there are a few more weeks to go. Hopefully schedules and weather cooperate so we can go to a beach before the kids go back to school.



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