The Economy Of Lawn Work

“Time for lawn work.”

Groans from children and adults alike.

We have almost two acres and most of it is covered in grass or weeds. Seems that weeds enjoy rain and no rain. I don’t get it, for three weeks there was no rain and the weeds flourished. Literally taking the place of grass in a few places in our yard. Looking tall and happy while the trees drooped and the grass turned brown and crunchy. Crunchy is not a grass adjective or should not be a grass adjective.

Then rain for close to a week, off and on, but rain none the less. My thought is that both the grass and weeds would enjoy the rain. They did, however the weeds enjoyed the rain less meaning we have or had grass and not so much weeds. Mowing the lawn to take care of grass is much better to all of us than mowing the lawn to knock down weeds. Much better is a scale from zero to can’t it wait another day.

Where is this going beyond an overview of our lawn and my thoughts upon rain, weeds, and grass? I do not want to mow all almost two acres. I did that last year for a few months and while I got in better shape there were a few times where I was positive I was going to die. This year I did not want to die and I wanted to give the children an opportunity to earn some money and learn a skill or two and keep me from dying.

They leapt at the earning money, because they want things, and they didn’t want me to keel over dead behind a mower. I am pretty sure our girl wants to best me in hand to hand combat for leadership, thus dying behind a mower would ruin her plans. They both wanted to learn a skill or two as well. Where things got interesting was how much lawn work they wanted to do.

Our girl loves being outdoors and has no problem with physical work. She is younger and smaller than her brother who likes being outdoors and has a problem with physical work. At first because of his size and eagerness he got the larger portion of lawn to mow and work to do. With each successive time he got a smaller and smaller portion of lawn work and money while his sister took over more and more.

Yesterday she mowed three times as much as he did in about half the time. He putzed around with his smaller section of lawn, which is hard to imagine let alone see as all he had to do was walk in an ever shrinking rectangle. When finished collapsed and announced he was done. His sister bounded over, grabbed his mower, and headed off to do another section of the lawn without complaint. In fact, her only complaint, gophers. Damn gopher trails and holes.

I know as soon as she is tall enough she will do the whole lawn on the riding mower wearing her favorite unicorn helmet. 🙂


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