Puddles and Whiskers New 13

Previously. “Can you see this?” Chuck whispered into his phone. Sitting in Whiskers’ car the vid-feed from Chuck’s camera displayed across the interior of the windshield. The feed panned to the right, a battered front door with a sign in gromathi, followed by piles of garbage and a shot down the alley. “Clear feed,” Whiskers … Continue reading Puddles and Whiskers New 13

Puddles and Whiskers New 12

Previously. Making Arrangements “Why noodles?” Eth asked as he pointed at his bowl of noodles with his neon pink chopsticks. “What’s wrong with noodles?” Chuck retorted around a mouthful of noodles. “Don’t point with chopsticks,” Puddles said while pointing at Eth’s chopsticks with her chopsticks. “What?” “I said, what’s wrong with noodles,” Chuck repeated after … Continue reading Puddles and Whiskers New 12

Puddles and Whiskers, A Chuck Tail 4

Previously. Whiskers moved the vid forward and hit play. The Chase “What happened,” Whiskers shouted at the vid. On screen, the image radically shifted from eye-level of a guard to what looked like a polished checkerboard floor moving fast. The audio dropped in volume to the sound of footsteps and shouting. Chuck shifted nervously in … Continue reading Puddles and Whiskers, A Chuck Tail 4