ALL About ME


[insert penis pic…maybe not mine…something more impressive, does Hulk have Snapchat?]

Oh, hi!

This is pubic…oops, forgot the l…this is public.

So you want to know ALL about me. Good luck no camera will take my picture and harvest my soul…that’s write this is ritten and you can’t see me, but I can see you…

How can I put this?

If there is something you want to know ask, pure and simple. I could write a whole bunch about who I am, but that would be me telling you what I want you to read and that is not necessarily who I am. SOOOOOoooo, if you really are curious about who I am, ask. I’m not going to lie and say I will answer every question because I am an open book. I am a rather large tome with a lock. But I do tend to answer most questions about me.

What else…

I like long walks on the beach…not really, sand is hot, sun is hot, and people on the beach suck the life out of nature…oooh there is something people suck. 🙂 But that is not about me or is it?

What tickles me testies? Lots of things. So many things you may wonder how in the hell I function at all and there are those around me who wonder the same thing and yet they have not asked how I function with all of the things that tickle me testies.

Scrawlings of a Mad Man has no message, that I have ever discerned, there is no overall theme other than I am the writer; a prolific and profane writer at that. That being said, here are some things that you may be asking yourself or want to know, again not an all inclusive list

  • These are my thoughts, except where quoted because while I only cited one paper during five years of college, I cite now…see my education did pay off.
  • I write what I write and I stick by my writing.
  • I often intentionally misspell words.
  • the comma and are on an on-again off-again relationship.
  • I know I can offend.  I will make the necessary gestures [insert pic of middle finger or dick]  if I do offend unintentionally.
  • That being said, I want people to comment if they feel the need or want to.  I don’t want people to be silent about what is on their mind.  That is why the comment bar says Take Part in the Conversation and not Comment.
  • If you like a particular blog share it with others, I don’t mind.  However, DO NOT cut-n-paste my words without giving me proper credit, that is plagarism and bad.
  • If you do take part in the conversation, speak your mind, but don’t be rude, insulting, or bigoted.  Make your point, respond to other points, but do it in a civil manner and you can still be loud and be civil.  I control the delete button and I have no problem deleting comments.

Did you learn anything, because there will be a test and E is always “All of the above except the wrong answer.”



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