…On Me


I hope you enjoy your visit.

I hope you like what you read and return often (not to this page though, get reading).

My name is Nathan.  You can call me Nate.

Welcome to Speaking Out on Life is where as you may have noticed already I write about a lot of different topics.  Currently the primary topics are:

Things that Amuse Me


Life As Told To Me By My Children

Science-Fiction and Fantasy Stories


My Family and Friend’s Lives


Things that Catch My Attention

I apologize if you expected a blog with a single unifying theme or identity.  That is not me nor is that my blog.  I like to write.  I like to write a lot. I am a gamer: role-player, card chucker, and video gamer. I like love to cook. I don’t write about cooking as much as I used to when I was actively working on a crockbook-that is a crockpot cookbook-but from time to time I will write a bunch of recipes or experiences with food.  I do not review restaurants, but I will give my thoughts on cookbooks.  I can cook/make Sushi, Chinese-Mandarin and Cantonese primarily, Thai, Szechwan, learning Korean, and learning Indian food.  Wings are huge favorite of mine along with attempting to perfect a bowl of ramen and the hotdog.

You will find lots of little life events that involve my children interspersed here and there.  They do keep me inspired and hopping.

Finally, I had several other blogs, they are now being consolidated here. You can find material that was on Scrawlings of a Mad Man, under the header Scrawlings of a Mad Man for example. Hopefully, having all of my writing in one place will make everyone’s lives easier, especially mine as I will no longer have to post in multiple different spots. 🙂

You will find to make your journey easier, that I have put everything into categories and given everything tags.  They may not make sense at first, but they will over time.  I suggest that if you find something that you like that you just use that category or tag to take you to something similar.  I hope that you explore more, beyond your initial discovery, but I will give you time to do that on your own.

Here are somethings that you may be asking yourself or want to know, again not an all inclusive list

  • These are my thoughts.
  • I write what I write and I stick by my writing.
  • I know that I can offend.  I will make the necessary gestures if I do offend unintentionally.
  • That being said, I want people to comment if they feel the need or want to.  I don’t want people to be silent about what is on their mind.  That is why the comment bar says Take Part in the Conversation and not Comment.
  • If you like a particular blog share it with others, I don’t mind.  However, DO NOT cut-n-paste my words without giving me proper credit, that is plagarism and bad.
  • If you do take part in the conversation, speak your mind, but don’t be rude, insulting, or bigoted.  Make your point, respond to other points, but do it in a civil manner and you can still be loud and be civil.  I control the delete button and I have no problem deleting comments.

Again, I hope you enjoy your visit and if you like what you read come back.


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