Department Head

Research MonkeyHello,

I am your Research Monkey PHD.  I am the first of my family to graduate from higher education.  I work as an assistant to you.  My primary job is to provide you with easier access into Nathan’s brain.  Only someone who has received the proper training and hazmat gear should be allowed to wallow…ahem…excuse me…move through his brain to discover the answers to your questions and the greater mysteries of his life.

I have been his research monkey for close to two years now.  Prior to being transferred to the blogging division I was head research monkey in the rambling division.  Unfortunately the rambling division was unceremoniously closed and without warning I was transferred here.  I will do my best to adapt to this new division as quickly and efficiently as possible.  I take my job very seriously,  after all you are coming to me with questions about him.

You only need to submit your question, either in the Taking Part in the Conversation section of a blog or email at with the subject line: Blog and I will respond to you within four to seven days. *  Why so long?  If you want faster answers you go into his head, otherwise leave wandering around his brain to the professional which is me.  As far as I know there are no questions that are off limits.  I endeavor to serve your needs in a timely and professional manner, notice the suit.


Research Monkey, PHD

* Actual response time is much quicker. -mgmt.


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