Nail Clippers, Pages 13 & 14


Soon enough we reach the point where the story went off the rails in my head. Until then, enjoy. 🙂


Jax carried several bags of fertilizer to the garden behind the porch; his rose plants needed some attention. Dropping the bags, two rabbits hopped off. If Jetta would let him, he would do something about those rabbits, but she insisted they he leave them alone. Every year, she started a garden and every year the rabbits ate most of it. Circle of life indeed. Jetta joined him carrying a tray of plants.

“Hey, my rabbits,” she cheerfully said, pointing at the white tails hoping around a corner.

“Yes, your rabbits,” Jax said sarcastically, “This year…”

“You will not do anything to my rabbits,” Jetta interrupted.

“What? No, this year I am going to get a blue rose.”

Every year he tried to grow a blue rose and while Jetta thought he would never be successful, she had to admit that some of the roses he did grow were pretty and the color in the yard was always pleasant.

Putting on her best, “of course you will look,” “This will be the year.”

“Don’t give me that look. This is the year,” he replied as he started unpacking the tray of plants.

“Want something to drink?”

“Please,” Jax replied, arranging the plants in neat rows.

In the kitchen, Jetta wiped off the counter before opening the refrigerator; reaching for two Cokes, the doorbell sounded, ding-dong, followed by a knock. Leaving the refrigerator door open, Jetta answered the front door; at the door was a short woman wearing a dark blue Package Express Nationwide International Services uniform. Her white name patch proudly announcing her name, Erin. She smiled at Jetta, and then frowned as an ambulance roared down the street. Jetta looked down the street after the ambulance and shrugged her shoulders.

“I have your package,” Erin said cheerfully, as she held up a box wrapped in brown paper, “Uh…”

The brown paper box buzzed and shook hard enough to cause Erin’s hands to shake. Jetta heard the loud buzzing and gave Erin a knowing smirk. Jetta took the vibrating box from Erin’s hands. Holding onto the box made her fingertips started to tingle. Erin pulled a handheld signature device from a hip holster and held it out to Jetta who set the box down. Vibrating on the ground the box started to move, Jetta put a foot on top of the box halting the box’s escape.

“It’s from my aunt,” Jetta said with another smirk as she signed on the line.

“Have a good day,” Erin said with a smile, raising an eyebrow towards the vibrating box under Jetta’s foot.

Nail Clippers, Pages 11 & 12



“You can’t. I know you can’t,” Chaz said, voice cracking each time he said can’t.

“I will bet you twenty dollars I can,” Devon retorted, superiority dripping from each word.

Chaz turned away from the television, pointed at Devin with his mayonnaise-smeared controller, “Twenty dollars?”

“Yep,” Devin replied wearing a smug look.

Chaz turned back to the television, he whined, “Damnit, I died.

On screen, Chaz’s character lay dead among a pile of zombies. Tossing his controller onto a table, Chaz stood up and grabbed his ass. Finding only skin he looked embarrassed.

“Deal,” Chaz said while glancing around the room for his wallet, “You swallow that sausage whole and you get twenty.”

Devin, his superior smile plastered across his face, picked up the sausage.

“Wait a minute,” Chaz interrupted, “Swallowing the whole sausage is too easy for you.” Chaz finished with a smirk and waggling his junk in Devin’s direction.

“Fuck you,” Devin retorted. “What do you have in mind?”


Arms loaded with bags, back feeling their weight, Old Man Jenkins returned home. Barbossa, ignorant or non-caring of the load Jenkins carried wrapped herself around his legs as soon as the front door opened.


“What have they done this time?” Jenkins asked.

A length entangled leg rub later Barbossa trotted off to the kitchen. Looking over her shoulder to see if Jenkins followed. Setting the heavy bags down by the door, Jenkins kicked off his shoes and followed. He hoped Barbossa was hungry and nothing more, but her tone said otherwise.

Standing in the kitchen doorway, Jenkins shouted, “What in the HELL!”

“Meow,” Barbossa concurred from a countertop.

“I think Devin needs a doctor,” Chaz said from the floor, his voice cracking on the words Devin and doctor.

Bent over the kitchen table, Devin looked in pain, number ten on the pain chart, his hands were white knuckled gripping the edges. A column of smoke drifted from Devin’s ass to the ceiling. His pale white ass red and shiny coated in something-Jenkins assumed mayonnaise. Chaz lay on the floor, his face blacked with soot and meat. Pieces of meat covered the wall behind Chaz.


Nail Clippers, Pages 9 & 10


“Oh my god,” Jetta moaned.

Jax continued thrusting his fingers into her pussy and licking her clit as her hips jerked and twitched. Orgasm contractions gripped his fingers tightly. He loved knowing he gave her pleasure.

“Enough. Enough,” she said scooting back from his fingers and tongue.

He stood up next to the bed as she sat up. Jetta leaned towards Jax, as he started to get onto the bed; planting a kiss on his lips, she tasted herself. Grabbing his hard cock, “This,” shaking his cock, “will have to wait until we get back from the hardware store.”

“But, babe.”

“We need to get going,” Jetta said sliding off the bed.

Two hours later and Jetta was ready to go back home and hide under the covers. Next time she promised herself, blow him before going to the hardware store; a solid hour of non-stop puns and jokes.

“Babe. Babe,” Jax shouted from the other end of the aisle, “look, I got HARD wood.”

She looked knowing what she would see…and, yes, he was holding up another plank of wood. Jetta shook her head in silent laughter. A quick trip to pick up supplies for the summer and the deck, that was the plan, unfortunately, for her, Jax was in a mood. She turned to shout at him, but he disappeared again, like a kid in a candy store.

Jetta heard a cart with squeaky wheels approaching, she whirled ready for another of Jax’s puns and to give him a small piece of her mind. The old man pushing the cart stopped, a shocked look flashed across his face. The heat of embarrassment washed over Jetta’s face.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “I thought you were someone else.”

“I am glad I am not that person,” Old Man Jenkins replied.

“Really, I am sorry. It’s been a long shopping trip.”

“What are you here for?” Jenkins asked.

“Summer outdoor supplies and some stuff to fix the deck. What are you here for?”

Jenkins hesitated for a moment, pretending to clean off his glasses, “Um…I have a special project. I..uh…am finishing up my basement. Making the room I have always wanted,” he said in a rush.

“That sounds interesting,” Jetta replied.

“Wanna screw,” Jax said from behind her holding the largest screw she had ever seen in front of her face.

Old Man Jenkins laughed. His laughing got Jetta to laugh. Jetta grabbed the screw out of his hand and looked over her shoulder at Jax with her best, “not right now look.” Jax smiled like nothing had happened.

“He thought it was funny,” Jax said of Jenkins who was still laughing.

“This is my better half, Jax,” Jetta said.

“Hello,” Jax said, “I see you have hard wood too?”

All three of the giggled and snorted.

“I think I found what we are looking for a couple of aisles over,” Jax said to Jetta.

“Have you seen rope?” Jenkins asked Jax.

Jax thought for a moment, a mischievous look on his face, “Two aisle over next to the blue balls.”

Jetta nudged Jax in the ribs and gave him “the look” again.

“What?” Jax started, “There is a bin of blue balls. You know for kids.”

“Thank you,” Jenkins replied shaking his head and laughing, “It was nice meeting you both. Maybe our paths will cross again.”

“Nice meeting you,” Jetta said.

Old Man Jenkins went one way and Jax and Jetta went another way.

Nail Clippers, Pages 7 & 8


Barbossa explored the tornado shelter while Jenkins stood in the center mentally making plans. Turning in place, he envisioned each wall, moving his hands, simulating where each piece of equipment and storage would go and how he would use them. As he mentally built the room, he made a shopping list as well.


Jenkins broke away from his planning at Barbossa’s meow and pawing in a corner.

“What have you found?”

“Meow,” the cat replied.

With a swipe of her paw, Barbossa dislodged the remains of a joint, sending it flying across the tornado shelter floor. Ducking under the lightbulb hanging from a wire, Jenkins squatted over the joint. The barest hint of a familiar scent took him back to another time.

[Wavy blurry going back in time visual]

A much younger Jenkins lying in bed talking to a woman with a flower in her hair smoking a joint. Jenkins waves his hand in front of his face to disperse the thick pungent cloud floating around him.

“Trinity, do you have to blow that into my face?” an exasperated Jenkins asked.

She laughed while holding the joint out to Jenkins. Her laugh caused Jenkins to cringe. He pushed her hand away from his face. Other than the sex, Jenkins could not think of a single reason to be around Trinity. Her life was a mess and she could never put two coherent thoughts together in a row. Often she blurted out the most inane statements, embarrassing him in front of his friends. When they asked why he continued to see her Jenkins shrugged his shoulders.

“I want to do something different tonight,” Jenkins said.

“Like what?” Trinity asked between huffs. She exhaled into his face causing him to cough.

“I want to tie you down,” he replied, a dark look crossed his face.

“Sure,” she replied taking a long drag on the joint.

“I’ll be back in a second. You get undressed.”

A few minutes later Jenkins tightened down the last knot on the scarf around Trinity’s wrist. She lay spread eagle on the bed, eyelids half-closed. Wasting no time, Jenkins climbed on the bed between her legs and lay down, eyeballing her hairy pussy. Wasting no time, Jenkins jammed his face onto her pussy and feverously licked her crotch. Trinity giggled, which quickly turned into that laugh. Cringing, he sat up.

“Don’t stop, baby,” she said around laughs.

Jenkins untied her feet from the bed and pushed her legs up and apart. With her legs out of the way, he resumed eating her out. She kept giggling and laughing. That laugh grating on his nerves more and more. Sitting up, Jenkins put her legs on his shoulders and drove his cock into her pussy. Trinity moaned and giggled. Leaning forward he drove in and out of her, hoping to finish before her laughter got to him.

“That’s it baby,” she said, “Give it to me good.”

Grabbing her shoulders, he pulled himself forward, thrusting like a mad man. She continued to giggle and laugh. He leaned in, putting her knees on her large tits, using the angle to thrust harder and deeper into her. Using his anger at her, at her non-stop giggling and laughing, to fuel his thrusts. Hoping he could fuck her to stop laughing. His hands creeped from her shoulders to her neck. Grasping her neck, he tried to fuck her silent.

“Yes, baby. Yes. Harder,” each word between laughs, “Harder.”

Jenkins grip on her neck tightened with each angry thrust. The smacking of their flesh sounding like slaps in the room. Just shut up, he kept thinking.

“STOP LAUGHING!” Jenkins roared as he gave her one last hard thrust, trying to crush her voice box with his cock.

Opening his eyes, Trinity’s face was beet red and her eyes had rolled in the back of her head. She was not breathing. Jenkins sat back on his heels, his cock plopping out of her pussy, her legs crashed to the bed. He sat there wondering what to do, but happy she stopped laughing. Edges of panic crept into sexual bliss.

Suddenly Trinity gasped. Gasped again and began coughing…

[Wavy blurry going forward in time visual]

Standing up, Jenkins adjusted his pants due to his erection. Smiling, he pocketed the remains of the joint and finished his mental shopping list.

“Let’s go,” he said to Barbossa, “We have a lot of work to do.”

“Meow,” Barbossa replied scampering up the wooden stairs.

Nail Clippers, Pages 5 & 6


“No. No. Not even close,” Devin retorted, “Evil Residency 98.4 Ultimate Directors Cut Import is the best game.”

“Yeah, okay I have to agree the zombies looked awesome,” Chaz said voice cracking.

Rounding the corner into the kitchen, Jenkins heart skipped a beat. Bent over, head in the refrigerator Devin’s ass hung out of his assless leather chaps. Standing near him, Chaz also in assless chaps, his skin strangely shiny, stood holding a video game controller and a length of sausage. Devin stood up and turned around, Jenkins tried to hide the shock on his face when he saw the video game controller looking nipple clamps pinching Devin’s nipples a crimson color, and the longer length of sausage swaying in his hand. Devin handed Chaz a large jar of mayonnaise.

“Afternoon,” Chaz said, voice cracking causing Jenkins to wince, “We’re headed downstairs to game. Want to join? We have sausages,” waggling the sausage to emphasize the obvious.

“You should play with us. Although I am the best. No one better. One time..,” Devin began his voice steadily hitting tent revival preacher in volume and intensity.

“No thank you,” Jenkins said ending the conversation with tone and look.

Not wanting to watch their pale asses go downstairs, Jenkins turned away. When he thought it was safe to look Jenkins surveyed the damage; only the plate that formerly held the sausages on the counter, at least they did not leave a mess. Picking up the plate, Jenkins almost dropped it when a slippery substance caused the plate to slide in his grip. What the hell were they doing downstairs; sausages, lube, assless chaps, and video games…maybe he needed to address that issue before his other plans? He looked down to his feet when his black cat rubbed against the back of his legs, seemed his cat agreed.


Ding Dong.

Jax got off the porch and headed for the front door.

Ding Dong.

Ding Dong.

Ding Dong.

Ding Dong.

Yanking the front door open, Jax thought he might have broken the doorknob.


“Good afternoon…” the woman wearing her Sunday best started to say, her eyes going wide, looking down, and making the sign of the cross.

A cool breeze made Jax reminded him that he was naked.

Recovering as best she could, “My name is Patience. Do you have a few moments to talk?”

Jax crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe putting his best “go on” look on his face. When Patience did not start talking, he gave her a “go on” motion. Patience straightened up and looked him in the eyes.

“I can come back when you are dressed,” she said.

“No, I’m alright. Enjoying the breeze,” Jax casually replied.

“Good lord,” Patience blurted out.

Jax expected her to turn around and leave; to her credit, she stood her ground.

“Who is at the door?” Jetta shouted.

“Some lady trying to sell me something,” Jax shouted back.

“Does she have any samples?”

“Do you have any samples?” Jax asked Patience.

Patience stammered, blushing she began to rummage through her large bag.

“She’s looking,” Jax shouted to Jetta.

“I can see that,” Jetta said peeking over Jax’s shoulders.

At the sound of Jetta’s voice, Patience looked up. Wearing only the hat and a bemused expression, Jetta stood slightly behind Jax. Jax put an arm around Jetta and pulled her forward.

“Good lord,” Patience blurted out again, her face crimson.

“Would you like to come in out of the heat?” Jetta asked.

“Yeah, you should come inside and you can show us your wares,” Jax said with emphasis on wares.

Patience dropped her bag, stammered something while trying to pick up her bag, and walk backwards at the same time. By the time Patience picked up her bag, Jax and Jetta were laughing hard enough that they had to hold each other up.

“When you find those samples come back and maybe we can trade samples,” Jetta shouted to a retreating Patience. “Come on,” handing Jax the nail clippers, “It’s my turn again,” she said with a wink dropping the towel and heading inside.

Nail Clippers, Pages 3 & 4


Smiling, he said, “I’m sure it’s safe. Perhaps if you hold onto the balls near the base that will stabilize things.”

Giggling under the towel, she continued to stroke him with one hand, while cupping his balls with her other hand. He shifted in the chair. She gave his balls a gentle squeeze, tightened her grip on his cock and used her thumb over the precum on the head of his cock to lubricate her hand. As she sped up her strokes, Jax’s breathing got heavier, the closer he came to orgasm.

Old Man Jenkins watched, the towel pop up and down with ever-increasing speed. If only a gust of wind or bird would snatch the towel away, he could see the action. Neither the wind nor a bird came, but Jax did. Old Man Jenkins mesmerized by the rapid up and down on the towel noticed the telltale signs of a man about to cum right before Jax’s face contorted, his entire body tensed, and then relaxed. Jetta stood up, wiped her hand on the towel before waving at Jax to get out of the chair.

“My turn,” Jetta said while waving Jax out of the chair.

“Babe,” he started with a smirk, “I’m tired.”

“Outta the chair.”

Jax slid out of the chair onto his rear and scooted forward to allow Jetta to sit in the chair before turning to face the chair. She sat in the chair, immediately putting her legs over the arms of the chair. The rapturous look on Jax’s face made her smile. He scooted forward putting his face close to her pussy.

“You are dripping,” he said.

Jax’s hands went to her hips as he put his mouth over her pussy. She sighed with pleasure the second his tongue began flicking about. Jax moaned with pleasure, he stopped licking for her pussy for a second, and muffled something, before resuming.

“You like the taste of meat?” Jetta said with a giggle.

He stopped again and moved his mouth off her pussy to speak clearer.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said, grabbing his head and pushing his mouth onto her pussy, “Whatever you had to say can wait.”

From a block away, watching the woman push his head down, Old Man Jenkins thought, the man did not what he was doing. He looked up from the scope, wiped his eyes, and thought for a moment. Just maybe, he finished his thought as he looked down the scope again. One of her legs had fallen over Jax’s shoulder. Whatever he was doing was doing the trick based on the expression on Jetta’s face.

“That’s it. Right there,” she panted.

Cupping her left breast and pinching the nipple, Jetta kept her other hand on Jax’s head guiding him to the best spot. Between her guidance and shifting her hips to keep her clit under his tongue, Jetta closed in on an orgasm.

“Use your fingers,” she commanded.

Moments later, two of Jax’s fingers slid effortlessly into her juicy pussy; Jetta moaned and bore down on his fingers.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

Encouraged by her moans, Jax licked faster while thrusting his fingers faster. Her pussy gripped his fingers every few seconds and he felt her legs start to tremble. With a shudder and extended moan, Jetta came, soaking Jax’s hand and face with her juices.

A satisfied look on his face Jax leaned back onto his elbows, his cock still erect under the towel. Jetta leaned forward and yanked the towel off tossing it over her shoulder. She slid off the chair into his lap, quickly impaling herself on his cock.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered into his ear as she fucked him.

Jenkins sat down in his chair mentally reviewing what he had witnessed; Jetta mounted Jax and rode him hard; her in the moment, tits bouncing, hands gripping Jax’s shoulders, bouncing up and down on his cock. Jax grab her ass, thrust up into her, and then hold his position before laying down. Jetta stand up and go inside leaving Jax on the porch.

A heavy weight landed in his lap, interrupting his mental porn review, he looked down to find a feline face starring back at him. Absent-mindedly he stroked her fur while making plans. Yes, Jax and Jetta were perfect. Now to approach them. The large black cat purred…

“Such a beautiful black cat,” Jenkins cooed to the cat in his lap.

A loud bang from downstairs broke what was left of his mental review mood.

“What are they doing this time,” Jenkins fumed to the cat.

Stroking the cat a few more times, Jenkins pondered his course of action. A second louder bang, followed by loud voices downstairs forced him into action. Jenkins gently nudged the cat as he stood up. The cat landed on the floor with a thud, looked over his shoulder at Jenkins and strode off. He could never figure out what the cat thought or was trying to say with those looks. Walking down the stairs Jenkins knew what he would find in his kitchen before he got there. The steadily louder conversation clue enough.

“…and I am telling you it is the greatest game of all time,” Chaz said voice cracking.

Nail Clippers, First Two Pages

Because Nail Clippers has larger “chapters” and less organization (at least to my eyes), my initial plan is to edit by pages until I get a better feel for where things went off the rail. Plus, having gone over the first two pages there were a lot of little mistakes that needed fixing before moving onto the big issues. Enjoy. 🙂

Nail Clippers

Striding into their living room, Jetta tossed her husband a light blue towel, tan hat and a pair of nail clippers.

“Lose the clothing. Put on the towel, hat, and meet me on the back porch,” she said heading to the porch.

“Wait. What?” Jax stammered as she walked by.

A block over, Old Man Jenkins peering through his telescope watched a man wearing nothing more than a light blue towel around his waist and a tan hat on his head carrying a pair of nail clippers walk on to the back porch.

“Nail clippers?” Old Man Jenkins mumbled.

To make sure he was not seeing things, Jenkins looked out his window; wiping his eyes, the neighborhood looked in place. What was that man going to do with nail clippers? Jenkins pulled a chair to the telescope and sat down for the show. Holding his foot up, the man put the clippers to use, starting with his big toe. Jenkins knew he should not be watching, but the mystery was pulling at him. Why clippers? Why the hat and towel? When the man shifted in his chair, towel opening, Jenkins saw the man was naked and almost walked away from his telescope.

“You started without me you bad man,” Jetta said walking onto the porch wearing a similar towel around her waist and hat on her head. As she passed Jax, she pushed his hat over his face.

“Hey, I can’t see. I could have cut my toe off,” he said.

“You’d have to saw through that claw you call a toe nail first,” she replied.

“Nice towel,” he said as he adjusted his hat and ogled her breasts.

“The towel is down here,” she replied pointing at the towel, “Now let’s see what we can do about those claws.”

Ogling her breasts a block over, Jenkins wondered what kind of perverted thing he was about to see. As long as she stayed topless, he would watch. Her back to Jenkins, she sat down in front of Jax, spread her legs, hiked up the front of the towel putting her pussy on display for him, and grabbed his foot.

“The clippers,” she said holding out her hand.

He handed her the clippers, his eyes never left the towel…actually, where the towel used to be. Jax never tired of seeing her naked. Moments like this when she teased him, only made him remember why they were such a strong couple.

“Hey! Eyes up here,” Jetta exclaimed, “don’t you want to watch in case I cut off a toe?”

“I’d rather be distracted,” he casually replied.

Riveted, Jenkins watched her clip each of Jax’s toes. With her back to Jenkins the entire time, he almost got up, but something kept him watching. She stood up, dusted herself off and when she turned to the side, Jenkins saw the tent in the man’s towel and so did the woman. With a wiggle of her hips, her towel fell to the porch. Old Man Jenkins’s heart skipped beat.

“Is there room under that tent?” She asked with a wink.

“I’d say there is plenty of room in the tent for you,” he said with a smile.

Jax leaned back in the deck chair; spread his feet, and scooted forward in the chair. Jetta leaned towards his face, her hands on his legs, tits swaying in front of his face, and planted a kiss on his lips. A block away, Old Man Jenkins fumbled with the zoom, blurring the unfolding scene. The flesh colored blur resolved into her back as she knelt down between the man’s legs.

Lifting up the edge of the towel, she said, “Looks awfully dark in there. How can I be sure it’s safe?”

“When you find the massive central column holding up the tent you will be safe,” he replied stifling a laugh.


“Everything is bigger in the dark.”


Together they laughed. From his vantage point, Old Man Jenkins could not see anything in detail; she looked like she was holding up the towel and looking underneath.

“First, nail clippers and now they are laughing, what are they doing?” Jenkins wondered aloud.

When her head went under the towel, Old Man Jenkins resolved to see this through.

Jetta wrapped her hand around her husband’s stiff cock, “Is this that massive column?”

“I do believe you have found it,” Jax said with a pleasurable sigh.

He put a hand on the back of her head and nudged her closer to his cock, “Maybe you should get a closer look?”

“Why is something wrong with it?” She asked while slowly stroking him, “You know this seems pretty loose,” giving him a few quick strokes. “Are you sure it’s safe in here?”