Cookie Days and Snow…Lots of Snow

cookie-days-1 cookie-days-2 cookie-days-3 cookie-days-4 cookie-days-5 cookie-days-8 cookie-days-7 cookie-days-6We have so few family traditions that are easily explained. The easiest and most well known (feared if you work in the kitchen with Barb), is Cookie Days. Two days in December when Barb bakes cookies. Lots of cookies. So many cookies that two planned days has stretched into four days one year. This year is special, we are away from the college, in our new place, and watching lots of snow fall onto the yard.

While Barb bakes, the kids decorate, play inside and out, hope for a snow day, and I work on expanding Puddles and Whiskers even more. Good times. Enjoy pics from Cookie Days. 🙂


100-Year Old Foggy 99,556 Sex Rules Wait

I wrote in a moving car, not something I recommend. I am looking forward to taking my car writing and putting it to screen soon. However, until that time (shortly after I finish this and eat dinner) allow me to regale you about my day in picture and verse.

Morning…We Wait

I woke excited about the day. First day without the kids and some time to go do non-necessary stuff. I also awoke excited because today is the release of Rise of Iron. While tempering my excitement because I burned out on Taken King hype, new material has me excited. I have a morning routine, after the kids leave for school, I boot up Destiny and play for an hour or two. Then I go about my day. This routine is without fail.

Excited for new material I booted up Destiny and saw this…


Wow…I had time to check my mail, bank account, surf the web, read some news and then I got to play. HOLY CRAP AWESOME! The wait, which despite how I wrote it, only took around 10 minutes, was well worth it. I played for two hours before forcing myself to turn off the game. Remember, kids are gone and we have fun non-necessary things to do.

Look out the window and see this…


Wow again…the dot in the middle is a bush, normally clear to sight, and just behind that is a dirt parking lot for the business at the corner and just beyond that the road. There were cars on the road when I took the photo. Do you see them? No, you can barely see the bush…so we waited or they waited while I took a shower.

Lunch…I Find Happiness for $4

I love biscuits and gravy. Barb makes an awesome gravy and Shannon makes awesome biscuits, but I feel odd asking for them to make these things every time we get together for Pathfinder. In town, the biscuits and gravy are expensive and weak. Denny’s…yes, Denny’s…has always been my go to and today was no different. On the road talking about lunch, Denny’s on the horizon and a few minutes and four dollars later my belly was happy and onto…

100 Years Ago…They Wrote About Sex

100-sexI am a used bookstore whore. I will buy books I have next to no intention of reading just because the price is right and the back sounded interesting. There are two areas I always find in every used bookstore: cookbooks and sex books. I am always on the look out for a cookbook that I do not have especially old cookbooks. Sex books, not erotica (although I have a small collection of erotica), are my favorite. Why, because book stores tend to go out of their way to put them in the least accessible spot that no one can find, because who would want to read about sex. You know about sex, don’t you, why do you need a book? Because everyone can learn something about sex. Now of late, I have not found any sex books that caught my attention. Honestly, most sex books are poorly written. Today, I found four. However, after reading them I was disappointed and then…I found a book published (7th edition) in 1908, which makes the book…2016 – 1908 = 108 years old. I love old books and this book went home with me to an honored space on my bookshelf. I can only hope my sex writing is around 100 years from now and me in the future finds it and loves it. 🙂

They Have Rules For This…Mall Life

20160920_130041Malls are a waste of space. Yet, we found ourselves at one because they had a Gamestop and a toy store. Gamestop was a bust, never been a Gamestop where the employees didn’t even look up or say anything to us and didn’t have the new releases on display, but here was one. The toy store was fun, some glow-n-the-dark fish, a physics kit, and pirates. While traveling from one floor to another using an escalator I stumbled across this sign of rules. When did this happen and why? Seriously, people need rules to stand in place while being carried or pushed up or down? What has this world come to?

Back Home…

I did mention I got a lot of writing done on the road and in a Denny’s?



Necessary Costs of Fruit Sauce Insurance

Back to work…sorta…in the kitchen today instead of the office. My plan was to resume work on collating the notes and then to continue editing Tumbledown Patrol and Puddles and Whiskers. However, fruits in the kitchen called. Not called, in that fashion of “Hey, make something cool out of us,” but in that “Oh shit, we are about to go bad, please do something with us.”

So fruits going bad took precedence overwriting and editing. I hoped this would only be for a short amount of time, but…starting with fruits that did not make the cut: a mango and several peaches. Try as I might to cut the bad out, the bad was the fruit. Sad chef. Over a dozen small farmers plums, named farmers plums by me because I bought them from a farmer who was happy to learn that his really small plums had another use, making a plum sauce (he was genuinely surprised that I would purchased these tiny plums and even more surprised to learn I had no intention of eating them).

My Quick Sauce Quick Recipe*: Macerate plums with sugar (2 cups), a generous squeeze of honey, a capful of cider vinegar. Squeeze plums through a colander. Put sauce back on stove and reduce by 1/3, tasting along the way…add additional sugar or honey to round out flavor.

Plum sauce is good on rice and egg rolls. I am sure it is good on other things, but those are the two uses around here. Next up on the sauce parade an orange sauce and finally a lemon-lime sauce. Both made the same was as they plum sauce only at the end I added a slurry of cornstarch and water, let cook to boil for one minute stirring entire time, to thicken them up.

By the time the sauces were finished it was time to begin dinner prep. I went from sauces, to cutting up potatoes, onions, and garlic. Barb has an idea to make individual foil packets of each to go on the grill with the drumsticks. Drumsticks which may get a homemade BBQ sauce or some of the orange sauce (after I add a drop or two of sesame seed oil for some heat) or a quick homemade faux teriyaki of soy and sugar. Who knows? I won’t until I start cooking.

Free of the kitchen, time to get the kids from school, but before that a quick stop at our insurance agent. Why? Because our bill arrived and I crapped my pants at the increase. As I told the agent, “For this bump, I should’ve hit a deer of something last billing period just to have something to justify this bump.” Why the bump? No reason, just one of those things, “You know how it is?” Yes I do. If a company can charge more for a service that is necessary, but not wholly useable such as insurance-I must have it, but I only need it when something has gone wrong-they will. Until that point, the company takes my money but does not give me anything in return (for example: if I do not cause the insurance company to have to do anything for me for that billing period, should they not give me some of my money back?), so in that theme, why not charge me more even though I have moved to a safer place and have not (knock on wood) had any accidents. Yep, I know how it is…necessary costs. I only wish I had stayed in the kitchen. On the plus side, I have time to write because I don’t have all of these sauces to make. 🙂

* Full length recipe has more accurate measurements, heats and times. Ask if you would like it. 🙂

And Then That Happened

My apologies for the very late post.

Allow me to share my weekend with you…

I ate some pizza Barb brought home and woke up positive I was going to puke. Then my stomach leveled out long enough for me to get just hopeful enough that I would have a great evening only to stab me in the proverbial back and literal gut. Strange but true element of the this story, a beer, an ill advised beer, normalized out my stomach. I have no explanation and I make no recommendation for those with brought home pizza stomach funk.

While my stomach was tricking me and before the ill advised, yet ultimately best for the event beer, we played Wrath of the Righteous. Due to a late start, in part due to my stomach, we were not able to finish Adventure Deck 3 and start Adventure Deck 4. Overall, I continue to be amazed at the work put into Wrath of the Righteous. The challenges continue to escalate in a please, not frustrating manner, that tell me that the designers understand that there is a difference between upping the challenge to the player instead adding more bad guys to fight…looking at you hard mode of most video games, adding more people for me to kill does not make it hard, just longer.

Around stomach, singular beer, and Wrath of the Righteous came Destiny. I enjoy Destiny. I took a break when things were getting stale, which was more my fault than anything Bungie or Destiny did or did not do, came back and rediscovered the joy and fun. All of my talk with our boy about Destiny intrigued a friend who had never played. Which is how we found ourselves in a marathon session of Destiny.

At first, I used a high level character, not on purpose, just that is what I had loaded, but then I made a new character to match the friend’s new character. Holy crap, what fun. Having to learn a new class, teach Destiny skills, go through missions with a friend really does change things; very similar to how playing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with a character from a class deck or different sets of characters changes the game.

Feeling better and wrapping up the last of Adventure Deck 3, I decided to cook on the grill. If there was a theme to this weekend, it was despite something going wrong or off, something good came out of it. Grilling was no different. My idea was to put foil over the grill to cook chicken thighs. The hope that I could get crispy skin slathered (poor word) in teriyaki sauce. What happened was some crispy skin, a grease fire, and a broke handle to the grill. I kid you not, I thought I had accounted for the grease from the thighs, but nope not enough accounting. Grease fire away! However, once the fire burned down, the vegetables were cooked on the remaining fire, the chicken turned out better than expected. I have no explanation. Just is.


After Nap and Storm, We Game and Cook

I woke up early. How early? Roughly three hours after I went to bed. I went to bed very late. It was a great evening. It was not such a great morning.

Wrath of the Righteous is going much better than our previous game. We are still being challenged and there was a close call, but in the end we triumphed and felt pretty good about how we performed. A slight mistake with the Knights of Kenebres card, we choose Wisdom as our first medal, thinking that we should focus on a weakness of the group. The mistake, the die bonus only applied to barriers with the army trait and none of us had any Wisdom centered checks to use to defeat the Undead Army. On the upside, in a few more scenarios we will all get a nice bump to our Wisdom. At that point it will have been a good choice.

Waking up early, gave me time to think about food. Lots of food. So much thinking about food that I went out to the grocery store while everyone was asleep to get a big roast and some wings. No, they don’t really have anything to do with each other than, I want to grill them. By the middle of the day, my list of things to cook included:

steak, roast, wings, jalapeno poppers, fried garlic, crab rangoon, and so on…

I did get the steak and roast marinating before the storm rolled through. Weatherdude indicated today was supposed to be all storms. Not that far off, the rain only recently stopped, bringing blue skies. The blue skies are unexpected and welcome, because at the height of the storm the rain was sideways and dreams of grilling were being washed away.

To cope with my dreams being washed away and the fact I had been up for a long time with no sleep, I took a nap. Nap successful, blue skies in sight, we set up for more Wrath of the Righteous. Yes, that step seems backwards given marinating steak and blue skies, but honestly I and others wanted to get back to gaming as soon as possible. As possible includes eating. Eating means I need to get cooking.

Enjoy your weekend, I know we are. 🙂


I Can’t Taste It At All And I Like It

My hands are covered in charcoal, not ink today. I woke up with a list of things I wanted to cook for a Mexican feast. I also woke up with a sinus ick. And I woke up with little desire to write today. Last night, after posting I worked hard gathering together all of the writing I want to work on and work into something a bit more. This explains why today, my head is full of ideas, but not full of energy to write.

Into the kitchen I went. Marinating is fun, I don’t have to do anything other than put some ingredients in a bag or bowl with meat and every now and again flip. Meat that has been marinated on one side only, due to lazy flipper, is half-as-tasty as flipped marinated meat. I’m sure there is a sex joke, innuendo, or advice in that somewhere I just can’t put it together.

Steak, big thick chunk marinating soy, I was going to do garlic and soy and a bit of ponzu, but the meat was looking more like it needed moisture, thus soy only. I will dry rub the shit out o it before putting it on the grill. Now there I am sure is a sex innuendo. 🙂 Chicken on the other hand is getting nothing but salt and pepper before grill time. I have a double batch of tortilla soup slow cooking away, so the chicken is for later.

Because I spent a dollar on a flimsy aluminum tray-pan thing, I want to try it on the grill. I expect it will burn up, but before that happens I am hoping the mess of bell peppers, onion, and garlic cook up well enough to pass as fajita topping. I have hope. I also have hope that I can take a mess of jalapenos, into something equally fun on the grill. I’ m glad the lady at the market gave me extra, she likes to top off containers and she did not know I am the only person in the house who will eat jalapenos. Oh well, time to experiment and I seem to recall something about throwing jalapenos on a fire.

Speaking of experimentation, Barb figured out how to cook corn on the cob on the grill. No, not a great discovery, but given we have owned a grill for all of three weeks, this was pretty cool to us. So where is the experimentation? I am going to try to make some flavored corn, now our boy swears that his cinnamon and sugar corn on the cob was great, “I can’t taste it at all and I like it.” I believe that is an exact quote. I think I will go with some different spices.

While working on meat, setting up for fire, making tortilla soup, I tried my hand at making a non-spicy salsa. Seems all I had to do was chop up everything I normally dice and chop up-onion, tomato (normally roma, but my grandparents gave me some non-roma tomatoes), cilantro, and garlic.

I could go on, but I have to get cooking before it gets dark. Cooking meat in the dark, not so much fun.

Musing About Grilling & Life

So where are we?

Well we are here of course.

From the stand point of where are we, as in me and mine…that is another story…

The good and bad news continue to roll in like the tide. Nothing world ending, that we are aware of, but just enough to make for some bumpy surf and set back most of our remaining summer plans. What are you going to do?  We, we try to ride out the bumps and while we ride we do our best to enjoy what we have.

To that end, last night I have three chicken breasts that need to be cooked. However, I was not feeling like cooking after another day of unpacking and screwing around organizing. Going out to eat, an option, but only as a last resort. Given that there was chicken in front of me, not near last option. What to do?

We are enjoying grilling. I am getting pretty good at making cooking fires. Turns out there is a big difference between a fire for cooking and fire for smores. Once I cook the chicken then what? Kids say make chicken sandwiches, great idea except the children have yet to eat a grilled, read non-fried, chicken on anything. Barb has been jonesing for Moo Goo Gai Pan, but that would mean making a mess in the kitchen late a night.

Have I mentioned there is no dishwasher? Not a big deal, except we had one for the last five years, thus the non-dishwashing crowd (everyone other than me) does not see the big deal about making a lot of dishes. I do. While I do not mind washing dishes by hand, another good sideways thinking time for me, I do not have any desire to wash dishes late at night. What to do, what to do?

Grilling the chicken got my mouth watering and the cook inside me fired up (ha). While the chicken cooked it occurred to me that I would only have to prep vegetables for any wokable dish. That right there cut down the number of dishes to something very manageable. Between checking the chicken, Barb and I prepped broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, snow peas, and made the Moo Goo sauce. I have not had an easier or quicker time cooking in a long time. By the time the chicken was finished, I had the wok heated up and ready to go. Five minutes later, dinner.

Living here has been a learning experience, from figuring out how to cool the place off, to how the rain falls into the windows, arranging for garbage pick up (not something we thought about until here), to how to arrange a kitchen for cooking. I have an awesome kitchen set up compared to the last place; still I have to organize everything for ease of use. I only mention this because, it is raining here and the kids, who I asked to let me know if what raining inside, said to me, “we didn’t feel it.” I’m going to guess they were waiting for the puddle to reach them. Ugh.

Finally, to end this rather rambling post, as we get this place organized the table and floor which was home to Rivet Wars for a few days, will be cleaned off of laundry and NAPLEX books for gaming once again. HOORAY!