Dreaming of Writing

I dream of water I have to get up and use the bathroom…sheesh that was polite sounding, I have to get up to take a piss.

I dream a lot, often in color, and often about what is on my mind.

I dream a lot of writing. So much about writing that my characters are now visiting me in my dreams and telling me I should write about them. They are not polite about it at all. I wish they understood the current reality around here its not that I don’t want to write about them, I simply cannot.

There is a reason none of my characters have children, they prevent me from writing and characters from doing the things they want to do and I am not going to put children in my stories to pander to that ever so popular demographic, children. Isn’t that why Jar Jar Binks and Anakin as an emotionless child exist? I think so.

So here I am dreaming nightly of my characters unable to have the time or sanity to put them to paper or screen.  When the kids are in school, less than ten days and counting, I get something precious to me, my own time. Typically I fill my own time with some house work and a lot of writing. When the kids are at home I get enough my own time to bang out 500 words on whatever before the pestering starts.

Hardly enough time to craft a story. Thus they live in my dreams. Could be worse they could abandon me altogether. Hopefully my characters are more understanding of my writing process than my children are. Given that my characters do not interrupt me while I am writing I am thinking they do.

The other issue impeding writing is my writing space is currently home to two printers, a stack of papers…crap, just crap. In the process of getting the “last” room in the house in shape my library/game room/writing space became the holding room/junk room/wedon’tknowwhattodowiththis room. Meaning, if I want my writing space back and I do, I have to take the time to remake the room, making it the last room.


I count down the days, dreaming of my characters, writing in my notebook when I can, which is even funnier than trying to type. Typing it seems is a known activity. dad is typing, thus we should interrupt him. dad is using a pen in a notebook on paper…what do we do? At the start of summer I got a lot more pen and paper time than I do now; just enough to jot down a sentence or two before the pestering begins.


Just Doing My Thing…Whatever That Is

What can I say?

Not much.

Another doctor’s appointment where if I had taken off my boots and clothing I may have lost more than 2 pounds and maybe if the weigh-in nurse had entered the number in the right spot I would not have ended up with a 260 BMI and the two pounds back. Seems I need to enunciated a bit better than I thought. Oh well nothing lost and nothing gained.

I learned that I am unusual in yet another way in that while I am in a new age bracket I am not elderly and a recreational…sorry make that admitted recreational elderly drug user. Long story short I was asked if I used recreational drugs to which I said no. After a few other questions I stopped and backed up asking how many people said yes to the question. Because I was curious how many people said yes.

More people than I would have guessed.

Who knows.

I don’t.


My Sanity Needs To Go Back To School

The kids cannot go back to school soon enough. I know this is a partial reversal of my “I love having the kids home for summer because we are having so much fun” statement not so long ago. Since then things have changed.

I would love to say this is totally about me, in that for my own selfish reasons such as sanity, peace and quiet, writing, painting, and house cleaning I want them to go back to school; i.e. I miss 8 relatively quiet hours a day. And in part there is an element of selfishness to my desire for them to go back to school. I would like some peace and quiet, I would like some sanity, and I would like to clean the house with the mess following behind.

However, my desire has more to do with the kids seems to have had enough of each other. Arguments and fights are multi-part events stretching throughout the day often over nothing. I would be happier if they fought over anything of substance at least once. Nope! The last one, yesterday…

“I went to get the ball and he took it and told me he hated me.”

“She broke my bucket that I was going to throw the ball in.”

“I’m going to get even.”

The longer version, while playing toss a ball into a bucket, one of them broke the bucket, the other decided to keep the ball, and the more aggrieved vowed revenge. I would like to say this is a limited time event, but it is not. Peace and quiet are only lulls before the next dust up. Howler monkeys. When they hit fever pitch they sound like howler monkeys. My ears cannot take much more.

Outside of sleep, which they are getting more of as my sanity demands an earlier and earlier bedtime, plus they need to get back into the habit of sleeping for school, the only other times of peace and quiet are when they are bathing, playing Xbox-during which they are friendly towards each other for up to a half-hour-and when we play family games.

Family games are another issue, used to be that they would work as a team to take out the adults. Now old grudges and slights raise their heads far to frequently and get taken out over a game. This, as you may have guessed, leads to further fighting away from the game.

Playing outside used to be together and often starts that way, then the bickering starts, the constant in and out of the house to complain about one or the other. Once the bickeringslashconflict reaches a boiling point our girl gets out her bike and rides around. This is how I know where they are and what will happen when they come inside.

Going back to school will give them a break from each other. They can see their friends and make new friends. All of the things they really need and best of all I get some peace and quiet.

The Economy Of Lawn Work

“Time for lawn work.”

Groans from children and adults alike.

We have almost two acres and most of it is covered in grass or weeds. Seems that weeds enjoy rain and no rain. I don’t get it, for three weeks there was no rain and the weeds flourished. Literally taking the place of grass in a few places in our yard. Looking tall and happy while the trees drooped and the grass turned brown and crunchy. Crunchy is not a grass adjective or should not be a grass adjective.

Then rain for close to a week, off and on, but rain none the less. My thought is that both the grass and weeds would enjoy the rain. They did, however the weeds enjoyed the rain less meaning we have or had grass and not so much weeds. Mowing the lawn to take care of grass is much better to all of us than mowing the lawn to knock down weeds. Much better is a scale from zero to can’t it wait another day.

Where is this going beyond an overview of our lawn and my thoughts upon rain, weeds, and grass? I do not want to mow all almost two acres. I did that last year for a few months and while I got in better shape there were a few times where I was positive I was going to die. This year I did not want to die and I wanted to give the children an opportunity to earn some money and learn a skill or two and keep me from dying.

They leapt at the earning money, because they want things, and they didn’t want me to keel over dead behind a mower. I am pretty sure our girl wants to best me in hand to hand combat for leadership, thus dying behind a mower would ruin her plans. They both wanted to learn a skill or two as well. Where things got interesting was how much lawn work they wanted to do.

Our girl loves being outdoors and has no problem with physical work. She is younger and smaller than her brother who likes being outdoors and has a problem with physical work. At first because of his size and eagerness he got the larger portion of lawn to mow and work to do. With each successive time he got a smaller and smaller portion of lawn work and money while his sister took over more and more.

Yesterday she mowed three times as much as he did in about half the time. He putzed around with his smaller section of lawn, which is hard to imagine let alone see as all he had to do was walk in an ever shrinking rectangle. When finished collapsed and announced he was done. His sister bounded over, grabbed his mower, and headed off to do another section of the lawn without complaint. In fact, her only complaint, gophers. Damn gopher trails and holes.

I know as soon as she is tall enough she will do the whole lawn on the riding mower wearing her favorite unicorn helmet. 🙂

Lost Time Smells Funny

A wise man once said, “Oh crap, where did the time go!”

That wise man was not me. I am the guy who not only forgot where the time went, but kept on going until someone said, “Hey, you not so wise man, you have something you should be doing!”

I replied, “The lawn looks fine.”

And the lawn does look fine. I mean the lawn could use a mow, just the back forty, but honestly I don’t mind the grass being a bit long and the longer the weeds and grass grow in the fire pit the more likely the next year the fire pit will be filed with…grass and weeds. Not exactly my best plan, but a start of potential…yep I planned on the weeds and grass and got a fire pit filled with weeds and grass.

And that is how I found myself in a car on the way to Grand Rapids to take care of a day of fun and business. What is fun and business in Grand Rapids? A trip to the same five or six store that we always go to. Sorry we are not those people who do exciting things in Grand Rapids. Honestly the town or city for those of you who are big on specifics drives me NUTS. Too many damn people, in too small of a space. City sized be damned! Why are all of the people where I want to go or in the way of me going where I want to go unless I wanted to get some food then there is no one around.

Why! I say why was Denny’s understaffed during the lunch rush so much that we stood there, a group of starving forelorn looking individuals who only wanted to spend money on food, for two passes of a haggard waitress who only had one line of dialog, “HODOR!”

Oops wrong film.

Her line was, “Sorry, someone will be with you soon.”

Why no you? We are good tippers. We are hungry. What is soon? Soon is too abstract of a concept, yet abstract enough that we allowed her to say it to us twice and a bunch of new people once before we took off for some other place that served food…sadly that was Burger King where…

the main dinning room smelled funny and the kids playroom smelled great. How do I know what a Burger King should smell like, I worked at several for two years and we have one in Big Rapids that smells of old fryer oil, sadness, desperation, and FEET and that is the main area. The kids area smells of sadness, feet, and pee. Thus this Burger King in Grand Rapids smelled of the same unless you were in the kids play area like we were. Stare all you want, I prefer to eat in relative quiet and not around smells that make me wonder why the mohawked manager was not doing her job and how the staff would react to me taking charge.

Which is how we ended up at home with a bag of glow in the dark rocks, some frames, some miniatures, and a few books to read. 🙂

Unfinished Summer Bucket List

I could tell you all of the things we have done this summer as part of a “How We Spent Our Summer” post, but if you are a regular reader and you are a regular reader, right? If not become a regular reader. 🙂 Since I routine chronicle what we have done how about something different the things we have not done. No, not in a depressing or complaining way at all…I hope.

At the start of the summer each of us made a bucket list of things we wanted to do by the end of summer; end of summer as defined by kids in school not by the end of the season. Try as we might some things have not gotten done…yet…there are plenty of summers ahead.

  1. Top of everyone’s bucket list, a trip to the beach. Given that the state is surrounded by water, most of it at least, going to the beach, any beach would seem to be a no brainer. Unfortunately due to a combination of weather and work schedules we have yet to go. In a way its funny because on Barb’s days off we either have something that needs to get done or the weather has not cooperated, cold temperatures or rain.
  2. Related to the beach, kayaking and canoeing. Neither on my list, but on most everyone else’s list. Seems one or two experiences in a kayak or canoe caught their interest. Like the beach above…in fact the beach above is why.
  3. Visit each of the Great Lakes, this was mine as part of a travel around the state idea, something I hope we can do. I thought it would be fun to see each of the lakes and along the way go to places we have not been. Problem is that we do not like long car trips or maybe more correctly, we are easily distracted and tend to stop in places, find a bunch of stuff to do and then instead of traveling on we head home.
  4. Fishing. Our girl wants to fish. I like to fish or at least I like to toss a line in and read a book or write. I have no idea why we haven’t done this, there is a bridge near our place where people routinely fish off of day and night.
  5. Visit a few local comic cons. Before the summer started we found as many small, local, single or weekend comic cons as we could. Then as the summer unfolded we discovered that some of them were further away than we thought, our bad for not researching the location, but more than a few were more expensive to get into that three days at Motor City.  On the plus side in a few months a couple of larger cons arrive.

Not bad for the top five things we have not done this summer and there are a few more weeks to go. Hopefully schedules and weather cooperate so we can go to a beach before the kids go back to school.