Dirty Stories

I enjoy writing erotica. I don’t know if I am that good of an erotic (a) writer, but I enjoy the writing challenges. What challenges? Word choice for one. When writing erotica, one should be familiar with words for sexual activities and body parts. Repetition can be problematic in a similar way to writing food reviews, one can only use scrumptious and unctuous so many times before they lose their impact and you find yourself writing delicious.

WARNING: Do not read any of the pages under this header, if sexually explicit stories bother you.

Erotica Links

Use the links below to read erotica of mine.


Threesome sex in, on, and around a car.


A confession.

Office Destruction I & II

Two quickies, one destroyed office.


On and Offline of a webcam operator.

Served Up

Its good, but not what you think.

Taking Turns

Sex with turns.

Training of Sara, Arc 1

Six story arc of Sara, in training for her lover (s).

Tony or Toni

One story. Two names. Same outcome?