Damn car was too fucking small, Sasha thought as she tried to grab Rich’s hard cock sticking through his pants and deal with Ed grabbing and pawing her tits from the backseat.  If this car was bigger, this might be a lot of fun, she thought. However, Sasha tried to make up her mind; give Rich a hand-job or join Ed in the backseat and fuck him. She really wanted to do both, but space and movement were limiting her ability to do either.

“Rich find a spot and pull over, I want to get some action,” Sasha said trying her best to keep the irritation out of her voice.

“With both of us?” Rich asked.

“Yes, is that a problem?”

Silence for a second.

“No,” Ed confidently said from the backseat while he continued to grasp her breasts.

Sasha wrapped her hand around Rich’s thick cock and began to stroke.  That seemed to do the trick because a need to find a parking spot replaced the stunned look on his face. Rich pulled off the main road and parked. Ed never stopped fondling her breasts as soon as the car stopped he got both of his hands under her shirt.

Sasha looked at Rich, “Can we all fit in back?”

“We can try,” Rich said, undressing Sasha with his eyes.

“Hell, no,” said Ed, “there is barely enough room for me.”

“Fine, get out of the car and out of the clothes,” Sasha said as she let go of Rich’s cock, opened her door and stepped out.

Sasha closed her door; immediately pulling her shirt over her head.  Two appreciative wolf whistles, followed by two car doors slamming let her know that both Rich and Ed had gotten out of the car.  Her shirt came off, she saw Rich shirtless unbuttoning his pants and Ed hoping around on one foot pulling his pants off.  She was looking forward to fulfill a fantasy and these two fit the time and her mood, horny.

Seeing Rich and Ed hard put a smile on her face, she unclasped her bra, immediately Ed’s hands were all over her tits.  He was sloppy, but eager.  Rich stepped over to her and yanked her panties off.  His hands went straight to her pussy without hesitation.  Sasha knew they were the right ones for her, right now.  She pushed Rich’s hands from between her legs and maneuvered him onto the hood of the car.  His cock upright like a flagpole.

“Ed get behind me, Rich just lay there.”

Ed obediently moved behind her, his hands fondling her tits without pause.  She felt his hard cock against her rear.  Sasha reached between her legs, which she spread, grasped Ed’s cock, surprised at the girth and pulled him into her.  Ed let out a loud moan.  He was holding onto her tits as he thrust fast and hard into her sopping wet pussy. She put her hands on either side of Rich’s hips, palms on the hood and lowered her mouth onto his cock; she wanted to blow Rich for years.

His cock tasted great and felt even better, as she ran her tongue and lips over the length of his shaft.  She pulled up giving the head of his cock extra attention before sliding her mouth back down the shaft.  Behind her, Ed was slamming his cock in and out of her with an ever-increasing pace.  His grip on her tits only increased, painful at any other time, but he was using her tits to keep himself from falling out and pulling her towards him at the same time.  Sasha doubted she was going to get off from Ed’s attentions, but they felt good as hell, especially with Rich’s cock in her mouth.

Rich put his hands on her head using them to set a pace that he wanted.  Sasha was fine with this; anything to get him off was part of her fantasy.  Before she knew what happened, Ed grabbed her tits so hard that she let out a gasp around Rich’s saliva covered cock.  Ed’s slammed his cock into her three times and stopped.  She felt his cock throbbing. Rich increased the pace, thrusting with his hips driving his cock into her mouth.  She readied herself for Rich to cum; he thrust deep into her mouth and flooded her mouth and throat with his cum.  Sasha swallowed.  Ed had pulled out of her and leaned against the car door.  Sasha let Rich’s cock slide out of her mouth, his eyes were closed he almost looked like he was going to go to sleep. Sasha stood up feeling pleased with herself for living out a fantasy.