Office Destruction I & II

Office Destruction I

Clang! The stapler struck the floor and bounced underneath the desk. His hand slide across the table scattering a pile of papers, many fell to the floor, pushed by his hand and ass as he edged onto the table. She grabbed the waist of his pants and pulled as he climbed onto the table. More papers joined the growing pile on the floor. He looked over his shoulder at the mess he was creating. With a firm yank, his pants went to his knees and his engorged cock leapt free. Warm, wet, and sucking mouth immediately drew his attention to her and not the mess on the floor even as his hand knocked over a pencil holder sending pens and pencils across the table and onto the floor. Tongue swirling, one hand wrapped around his shaft, the other hand grasping his thigh, she worked his cock better than he imagined. Slippery, sliding, pumping up and down, she drove him towards a quick orgasm with experience. He leaned back onto his elbows, a stack of books and papers hit the floor, her grip on his cock intensified. He felt his balls contract, his cock swelled, she pumped faster, sucked harder, he blew his load into her mouth and she swallowed every hot spurt, pumping past the last throb.

Eyes closed and breathing heavily, he returned to reality. Leaning forward he grabbed her by the cheeks planting a passionate kiss on her lips, his tongue thrusting deep into her mouth. He tasted himself. She returned the kiss, letting go of his cock as she stood up. His hands grabbing her pants tugging and pulling with abandon. As he got off the desk, he maneuvered her, still kissing, and tugging her pants over her hips into the spot he had just vacated. As she edged onto the table, he pulled her pants and panties to the floor. The last of the pens and pencils hit the floor as she worked to keep her balance on the table.

Breaking off the kiss, he pushed her legs apart and he got to his knees. With her on the edge of the desk, diving into her pussy with his tongue was easy. Inhaling her musky scent, his tongue brushed over her lips, into her wetness savoring her sexual flavor with each lick and thrust of his tongue. She laid on her back, spreading her legs wider for him, her arms stretched out seeking anything for purchase as his agile tongue relentlessly pushed her towards orgasm. His hands went to her thighs, grasping them, holding them apart, pushing his face deeper into her, his tongue thrusting deep and licking her pussy in ways she only fantasized about. Her moan covered the sound of the label maker hitting the floor. Her thighs shook, he sucked her clit, his tongue flicked non-stop over and around her clit, she grabbed his head pulling him tighter against her pussy as she moved her hips, he slid fingers inside of her, thrusting and fingering her. Her legs clamped his head, her grip intensified, no longer in control of her hips; she let out a long moan, cumming on his face. His tongue and fingers never stopped, intensifying her orgasm. Spent she released his head. Her arm feel to her side, the last of the papers fell to the floor.

Her breathing returned to normal. She sat up. He stood up. They kissed tasting each other. Breaking off the kiss, they looked around and smiled at the destruction they had caused. Getting dressed they worked to clean up the office, smiling at each other with every pile of paper or pen picked up and returned to the table.

Office Destruction II

“Fuck me harder,” she said between breaths.

Gripping her hips, he pounded her pussy from behind. The force of his thrusts pushed her across the table. Reaching for anything to keep her from sliding over the table or worse tipping the table over, she knocked over a cup of pens, pushed the stapler into the keyboard, and sent a pile of papers onto the floor.

She stood on her toes for a better angle. With as much force as he could muster, he pulled her onto his cock, the sound of their flesh slapping together echoed in the small office. Her right hand found purchase on the edge of the computer desk on the other side of the table; she bit her lip each time his cock slammed to the hilt in her pussy.

Grunting he stood on his toes jackhammering her pussy, which forced her onto her feet. He lost his grip, bashing her hips hard against the edge of the table. In the grip of his orgasm, he did not notice the table rocking on two legs. With a growl, he slammed his cock home and shot his load inside her. Buried in her pussy, his cock throbbing, she adjusted her hold on the computer desk to keep her from sliding over the table onto the floor. Everything on the table, mostly papers she had been reviewing, scattered on the floor.

With a sigh, he backed off her pulling his cock out and the table set down on all four legs.