Red light blinking at her, time to get to work. Tara or Kinky Kat as her regulars knew her adjusted her top before sitting down in front of the camera. She looked at the room list noting several regulars. Tara had no idea why they hung out in her room, but they did and from time to time one of her regulars would step in to shut someone being a dumb ass.

RomanticMan42 was the first to acknowledge her arrival [a smiling and waving emoji appeared on her screen.]

Tara smiled.

While Tara keyed in tonight’s announcement more acknowledgments scrolled up. Most of them benign.

JackitOFF [U look HOT!!!] scrolled up.

JackitOFF [show us ur BOOBS!!!!]

JackittOFF could be a problem.

Finished with her announcement, Tara hit enter and waited. Smiling all the time at the camera and making eye contact with the audience; at least that is what her viewers thought, that she was looking at them. In reality, a vid-screen set to her favorite sitcom was on, volume muted.

Her announcement appeared on screen, [tonight only $500 countdown to cumshow], totally not feeling being on display Tara hoped to make her money quick and take the rest of the night off.

JackitOFF [Looking for card now. Flash for cash!] followed by some idiotic emoji Tara did not know.

Matt_TK [How long have you been doing this bb?]

FlesshMan12 [How much to see ur tits!]

Tara stood up, flashing her light blue thong with smiling cat face on the front to the viewers. Then she leaned over, the camera went down her shirt giving the viewers a clear view of her tits. While she leaned over, she grabbed the remote to the vid and changed the channel. Sitting back down, the screen looked as expected.

RomanticMan42 [thank you] and two heart emojis

JackitOFF [Damn bb u look fine!!!!!]

Guest48392 [OMG someone give her some money]

FlesshMan12 [donated $20]

FlesshMan12 [rock hard and stroking for you]

Matt_TK [You don’t have to do this.]

WantsumPLZ [Fuck off Matt]

WantsumPLZ [donated $20]

The donations and complements continued. Appearing to be playing absentmindedly with her shirt, she pulled on side down enough that her right nipple popped out for a view. Tease them and they will pay. Not her usual motivation, but the mood to perform was not on her tonight. She flashed her “oops” smile and adjusted her shirt back.

JackitOFF [I would totally fuck you hard]

Just what every woman wanted to hear. Tara suppressed an eye roll. Instead, she leaned back, causing her shirt to ride up exposing the smooth skin of her abdomen and the underside of her tits. Leaning back a bit more her panties appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Clamors for more scrolled up faster than she could keep count. She checked the donation box, $150. Not bad for keeping her clothing on.

Tara wanted to speed things along, not string them along all night. She stood up again; messages of admiration, congratulations, and masturbation scrolled up along with another donation or two. Tara turned around, her ass to the camera thong visible. She bent over, got on one knee looking to the viewers like she was looking or reaching for something just out of reach. The viewers loved his.

Then in a well-practiced “this thong is riding up or pinching me” motion, Tara hooked a finger into the front of her thong, pulled down and to the side flashing her pussy to her viewers. Each time a viewer made a donation, a chime sounded. For few seconds the chime was one long noise. Pussy exposed, donations racking up and a promise to “cum” for them, Tara ran two fingers on either side of her pussy. Bent over, slowly stroking her pussy, Tara did feel the beginnings of arousal, which climbed upward with each chime.

Tara orgasmed and looked up at the vid-screen behind the camera and even though she could not hear the laugh track, she knew the scene from her favorite sitcom by heart. Tara closed her legs and sat up facing the camera, a genuine smile on her face. She glanced the room list and donation total, over one thousand people watching her orgasm and slightly over six hundred in donations. She hit her goal. Smiling at the camera Tara looked at the messages.

JackitOFF [I think I broke my dick]

Guest17402 [Holy FUCK!!!]

Guest 87922 [I wish I was that vibrator!]

Manuel420 [OMG!!!]

Little_Lezy [U looked GR8!] and a throbbing heart emoji

2BeersAday [I’m in love]

And more scrolled up.

“Thank you,” Tara began in her best sexy voice, “I’m getting off for the night.”

Her signature line usually garnered one or two last second donations and she felt made her viewers feel special. Chime. Chime. Two small donations rolled in, as expected. Waving to her viewers, Tara clicked off the feed and fell back onto the bed. Not bad for a few hours of work and it was work. Tara never thought being a cam-girl would be as involved as it had gotten for her, but a show a day and constantly being “on,” was tiring.

Tomorrow she would have six hundred dollars to show for her work minus the various fees, not a bad way to make a living. Not that she made that much every night, in fact not even most nights. Wiping away the frown, Tara sat up and reached for the remote. The sounds of her favorite sitcom filled her stage. Nobody gave much thought to where Tara performed; most commenters seem to assume she had a camera set-up in the bedroom of her house. Having watched a few other cam-girls herself, Tara could understand why that was the common view, but Tara wanted to be more than a cam-girl. After her first few nights, Tara made up her mind to create a place for her to do her shows and with some help built her stage.

Getting off the bed, Tara fixed the sheets on the bed, smoothing them out. Then she yanked them off and the pillows as well. Might as well change them, she thought as she shook the pillows out of the pillowcases. Bedding piled up on the floor, Tara added her wardrobe from tonight to the pile of laundry. Turning around, Tara looked in the closet for something to put on herself and the bed. While grabbing a shirt and some shorts, she saw the bedding she wanted to use, black with cats sleeping. Tara tossed the bedding onto the bed. Now where did the toys go?

Searching for missing sex toys was always fun, Tara thought as she looked around the stage for the vibrator from tonight. Usually, the toys rolled off the bed or under a pillow, but tonight she found the vibrator under the table, it must have “flown” there when she yanked the bedding off the bed. Vibrator in hand, Tara went into the half-bathroom. Some warm soapy water and a clean vibrator, ready for the next performance.

As Tara grabbed her coat and purse, she checked that the camera was off. Slipping her shoes on, she clicked off the room light, and headed home for the night.