Taking Turns

“Kiss,” Heather said.

Dave and Keith looked at her, confusion and uncertainty clearly on display.

“Kiss him,” Dave said pointing at Keith.

“Kiss, with tongue.” Heather replied.

“But…” Dave started.

“Kiss Keith with tongue or I’m headed home.”

Dave looked to Keith for support. Keith shrugged his shoulders, universal Keith for “I’m with whatever you decide.” Dave looked back at Heather, who subtly leaned towards her coat on the edge of the couch.

“Fine,” Dave said, “but I go next.”

The look on Heather’s face said “whatever” and “get it on” at the same time. Dave turned back to Keith whose expression had not changed since the start. Dave hoped Keith would make the first move or at least a move indicating he was going to make this easier. Ever unreadable Keith made no move. Dave leaned into Keith’s space, tried to make eye contact, but could not. He knew if he kissed Keith, with tongue, he would get to tell Heather what to do next. That was motivation enough, for now. Keith’s lips were softer than Dave expected. Their mouths parted, lips locked, heads tilted, Dave pushed his tongue forward into Keith’s mouth. Keith’s hand found his way to the back of Dave’s head unexpectedly holding him in the tongue kiss, Keith’s tongue move around Dave’s with passion.

“Hot. Totally hot,” Heather said, breaking the moment.

Dave and Keith parted. Dave saw a spark in Keith’s eye. Before he could ponder that spark though, Dave had revenge on his mind.

“My turn,” he announced.

Pointing at Heather Dave said, “Take off your top and bra.”

Wasting no time, Heather pulled her shirt off over her head and removed her bra. Dave opened mouthed, starred. He wanted to see Heather’s tits since he met her. At the same time, Dave felt disappointed because she did not put up a fuss about showing her tits. Still starring at her hand-sized breasts with erect pink nipples, disappointment was quickly cast aside and hope rose.

“Dave take off your shirt,” Keith said quietly.

“What?” Dave asked absorbed mentally mapping Heather’s tits he had not heard Keith.

“Your shirt. Remove it,” Keith said again.

Starring at Heather’s tits the whole time, Dave absent-mindedly took off his shirt. Keith eyed Dave’s chest the entire time. Ignoring Dave’s stare, Heather thought about her next move. She wanted to see where this went and had some ideas of what she wanted, but how to get them. Heather leaned forward.

“Dave grab us some beers. Keith take off your shirt while we wait for Dave.” Heather said.

Dave, still staring at Heather, got up to get the beers. His erection pushing his pants forward. Keith took his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. Dave out of the room, Heather looked at Keith, “Care to work together to get what we want?”

“What do you have in mind?” Keith asked eyes bright with anticipation.

“Follow my lead,” Heather responded.

Dave handed a beer to Keith and Heather as he sat on the couch.

“Did I miss anything?” He asked.

“It’s your turn,” Keith said.

Taking a drink from his beer, Dave looked at Keith, then at Heather, “Take off your pants.”

Heather stood up, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down revealing a black with pink hearts thong. Both Dave and Keith shifted in their seats. The lusty look in both of their eyes was arousing to Heather. She sat down and pointed at Dave.

“Truth or dare?”

Dave took another drink of his beer, “Truth.”

“Pussy,” Heather said with a smirk, “Where is the craziest place you have had sex?”

Dave head down in thought. Keith sipped his beer watching Dave, his gaze occasionally taking in Heather. Heather watched them both, making sure to keep her tits exposed and her legs parted, not enough for a good view, but to give them hope that they could get a good view between her legs. Dave’s head popped up.

“In the manager’s office of Burger Royalty. It was quick, but exciting.”

“Mine was on the hood of a car next to the side of the highway,” Keith volunteered.

Before Heather could say anything, “Dave, take off your pants,” said Keith.

Dave looked shocked and embarrassed. He took another drink from his beer. Keith sat back on the couch, beer never far from his lips. Heather licked her lips and watched. When Dave sat up, his erection was obvious, as was his embarrassment. Heather took a deep drink from her beer. Dave undid his jeans, pulling them down, his erect cock poking through his blue stripped boxers. When his cock sprang into view, Keith and Heather leaned forward. Dave kicked his jeans across the room and sat down, his beer obscuring his erection, and at the same time making it look bigger.

Heather took a long drink from her beer. “Keith, take off your pants.”

Setting his beer down, Keith stood up, fumbled with his waistband, and his pants fell to the ground. His erect cock clear to see.

“You shaved?” Heather asked.

“Always. Makes my junk look bigger,” Keith responded while sitting down and picking up his beer. Unlike Dave, he did not hide his erect cock.

Dave did not know where to look. Heather was mostly naked in front of him and he was positive she wanted him, the way she kept looking at him and the view she was giving him with her legs spread. Keith with his cock out, curiosity, but Dave did not want to give Keith the wrong idea. Dave knew what he wanted, to fuck Heather, but how to get that to happen was holding Dave up.

“Truth or dare?” Dave asked Heather.


“Oh,” Dave started obviously not expecting her answer. He took a long drink from his beer, emptying the bottle, “Anyone else need a beer?”

“Yes,” and “Get me another one,” from them.

Dave thought hard on the way to get the beer and way back from the refrigerator. Walking into the living room, he handed Keith a beer, taking a quick look, and handed Heather her beer.

“Do a sexy strip dance,” eyes sparking he said to Heather.

“Music?” she asked.

Dave looked stumped. Keith pushed play on his phone, some random electronic music blaring out of the speakers. He smiled at Heather. She smiled back. Open to anything Keith relaxed in the couch with his beer, waiting to see what direction Heather took this. Follow her lead she said, and Keith was willing to follow.

Moving her hips Heather danced in front of Dave; cupping her breasts, squeezing them, she thrust her hip towards him. Dave’s eyes never left her hips. She slid her hands down her sides, fingers hooking into the thong. In rhythm with the music, she teased removing her thong, leaning in front of Dave, giving him full view of her tits. She turned around and bent over, looking at Dave through her spread legs. Dave reached out to touch her ass; Heather spun around and gave his hand a playful slap. Heather turned towards Keith shaking her tits while running her hands down her thighs and back up over her pussy. Her hands back at her hips she pulled the thong down. Keith’s eyes widen slightly. Dave leaned forward. With a flourish, Heather let the thong drop; stepping out she turned to face both men.

“Good enough?”

The expressions on both of their faces said, more than good enough. Heather sat down, grabbed her beer and took a long drink. Dave looked like he was going to explode. Surprisingly, Keith was also looking at her with renewed interest.

“Show me how you masturbate,” she said.

“Who?” Dave asked.

“Both of you. For that dance you both owe me,” she said with a smirk.

Keith wasted no time; beer in one hand, he shifted his position on the couch to face Heather. His legs slightly apart and feet on the ground he wrapped his free hand around his thick cock and began to stroke. Slowly up and down. His eyes closed, he leaned his head back.

Dave watched Keith for a few seconds, before sliding his boxers over his hips. By the time the boxers fell to his ankles, Dave was tentatively stroking his cock.

“I’ve never done this in front of anyone before,” he said.

“Looks good to me,” Heather said.

One of Dave’s hands cupped his balls, while the other stroked the shaft. Heather watched both men touch themselves, fascinated. Keith had no problems at all, stroking with vigor, obviously in the moment. Dave was in his head; his stroke lacked the vigor of Keith’s and he was looking around the room. Heather caught Dave’s eyes, gave him a wink, as she spread her legs wide. Dave’s eyes went round, his grip and stroke intensified as he starred at her pussy, glancing up at her face every few strokes.

Two men masturbating at her suggestion, for her, was exciting. Locking eyes with Dave, Keith was in his own masturbatory world; Heather ran a hand over her pussy, pulling her lips apart. Her other hand stroking her tits. She slide a finger into her wetness, watching Dave lean forward slightly, eyes boring into her pussy as if he could dive right in, his stroke speed increased. Briefly, she wondered in that hurt. Her wet fingertip ran around her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

Dave was not into masturbating in front of either of them, but then Heather spread her legs and started to play with herself for him. Only him. Dave really wanted to fuck her, but the way things were progressing he might, no probably would blow his load in front of her.

“Was that good enough for you?” Keith asked, snapping all of them out of the moment.

Dave breathed a sigh of relief, slowing his stroke to a light touch. Heather let go of her tit, her finger absentmindedly stroking her pussy. Keith sat up and drank from his beer.

“Should we move this along?”

Both Heather and Dave nodded. Guess she was going to follow Keith’s lead. Keith stood up and gestured towards his bedroom. Heather followed and Dave followed her. Keith’s bedroom was dominated by a king sized bed. At least that is all anyone noticed. Keith hopped onto the bed, followed by Heather, and Dave.

“My turn,” Dave said as he placed a hand on Heather’s thigh, “I want to taste you.”

Heather leaned back on her arms, opening her legs, an invitation Dave wasted no time on. He moved between her legs, laying on his side. With gusto, Dave began to lick her pussy. Heather sighed, with time Dave might be good at eating her out. She moved her hips, putting her clit under his tongue. She looked over at Keith, who sat there watching the scene unfold. Heather nodded towards Dave’s cock and mouthed, “Go for it.”

Keith shook his head no. He wanted to see how this unfolded. Keith did not want to rush in and ruin the moment.

Dave was in heaven; he tasted Heather and she was responding to him, just as he imagined.

Moving her hips, Dave hit the right spots, and Heather was enjoying his attention. She did not understand why Keith didn’t make a move, but whatever his loss. She had a thought.

“Dave, lay on your back.”

Dave looked up, his face wet with her juices, and a why look on his face. Heather playfully rolled him on his back in the middle of the bed. Keith shifted to the side of the bed, intrigued. Heather straddled Dave’s head lowering her wet pussy onto Dave’s face. He immediately resumed licking with gusto. Heather wrapped a hand around Dave’s cock and started stroking. She was looking Keith in the face, when Keith got up off the bed. For a moment, Heather thought he was going to leave them alone, but Keith climbed back onto the bed and stood in front of Heather.

Heather nodded; Keith took another step forward, his thick cock in front of her face. She continued stroking Dave, which must have been doing the trick as he moaned. His tongue was slowly working magic on her. She opened her mouth and Keith slid in. He was thicker than she was used to, but he had a good scent and flavor. Keith moved himself in and out of her mouth, she swirled her tongue around his cock, but let him determine the pace. Shifting her position, Heather put her clit on Dave’s tongue. Dave’s hips twitched as she continued stroking him.

Keith’s’ pace intensified thrusting into her mouth faster, she could hear his breathing deepen, and a moan or two escape. Dave was doing his best on her pussy, she was excited, aroused, but orgasm was a bit off. Dave’s hips were thrusting in time with her downward stroke. Dave’s hands grabbed her ass cheeks with force; he dug his fingers in. He licked faster, his hips thrust up harder, and suddenly Dave came. Sperm shot up in an arc, she continued pumping with her hand, as Dave finished cumming on her hand, his thighs, and some on Keith’s leg.

As Dave’s orgasm was ending, Keith thrust deep into her mouth a hand holding her head in place. She felt his cock swell up before he shot his load into her mouth. Heather swallowed and continued swirling with her tongue until Keith pulled out. Dave never stopped licking her.

Heather let go of Dave’s cock and got off his face. She sat on the bed, Dave and Keith looked satisfied and slightly out of breath. They looked at each other and realized what had happened. Big shit eating grins.

“Did you?” Dave asked.

Of course he would ask, Heather thought.

“No,” she said, her pussy throbbed demanding attention, “What are you two going to do about it?”

Keith hopped off the bed. He opened up a drawer at the side of the bed and pulled out a magic wand.

“I think this will be a good start, plus I believe it is my turn.”