Puddles and Whiskers, Not NiHo’s


With a groan, Whiskers stood up and approached Officer Chu. A brief conversation and Whiskers signaled Puddles and Chuck time to leave. Walking along the elevated walkway wageslaves avoided the three of them.

“We don’t belong here,” Chuck sighed his tail slowly waving.

“What?” Puddles snapped her tail slashed causing a passing wageslave to jump.

Pointing at another group of wageslaves walking past them, “Look they avoid us like we have something.”

“Why do you care what they do?”

Chuck thought for a moment, “I don’t.”

Puddles shook her head in disbelief. Deep in thought Whiskers missed the exchange, focusing on the details of the encounter, “He was wired,” he said out loud.

“Who was wired?” Chuck asked.

“What?” Puddles said

Snapping out of his thoughts, “The man with the puppet, he outran me like I was a kitten. He must have some augmentation.”

“It’s possible,” Puddles said thoughtfully. “What’s our next move? The client is dead.”

“That puppet was interesting,” Chuck absently said.

“That damn puppet almost killed all of us,” Puddles snapped.

Chuck glared at Puddles for a moment, “I know. That doesn’t change the fact that the puppet was interesting.”


“Give it a rest,” Whiskers ordered. “I need some food and coffee before I decide what we do next.”

Not NiHo’s

“It’s not NiHo’s that’s for sure,” Chuck commented as he looked around the noodle shop.

“No it’s not,” Puddles responded. “Look at this menu, where is the spicy ham?”

With a wave through the holo-menu, closing the menu and a sigh Whiskers sat back in the padded chair, “Definitely not NiHo’s.” Whiskers set down his cup of tea.

“Something wrong with the tea?” Puddles asked.

“It’s not coffee,” Chuck replied with a smile.

“Chuck is right,” Whiskers answered pointing at the tea, “this is not coffee. Not much is going our way this morning.”

“Whiskers, I’ll contact the client,” Chuck said.

“What will you tell her?”

Chuck paused, “That her…”

“That is where I am stuck. Her husband is dead. However, that is not our concern other than offering our condolences.” Whisker picked up the cup of tea, began to take a sip, thought better and set the cup down.

“He’s dead. Our case is dead. Isn’t it?” Chuck asked.

“Sometimes,” Puddles replied. “She may want to know. That means we need to follow up until we get her answers.”

Chuck shook his head in disbelief. “What about the man with the puppet?”

Puddles sat forward, “I’d like to find him and give him his puppet back,” she finished with a devilish smile, all fang.”

“I too would like to know more about him,” Whiskers said. “However, he is not our concern.”

“After food, I’ll contact the client and set up a meeting,” Puddles said. “By the time we meet she should have the news of her husband from the SCPD.”

A shiny Serv-O droid quietly rolled to the table, depositing bowls of noodles and spoons in front of each of them. Puddles picked up a spoon with two claw tipped digits, “Definitely not NiHos.”


Puddle and Whiskers, Dinner For Five


Dinner For Five

“Nothing better than a bowl of noodles after a job,” Puddles said while running her tongue over her teeth.

“Eth, John join us,” Chuck greeted the new arrivals.

Smoothing his memware suit Eth strutted across NiHo’s to their table. John took off his wrap around smart glasses, put them into an interior pocket of his black jacket, and scanned the restaurant as he stalked towards the table. Eth sat down and immediately pulled the menu up. John sat down with a thud and a sigh.

“What’s wrong with him?” Puddles asked Eth.

“Long night,” John replied with a grunt.

“Him, he was hoping to take Red Twist down tonight,” Eth replied at the same time.

Facing the table, John pulled up the menu and placed his order before slumping back in his chair. Whiskers leaned with both elbows on the table, intent on the tablet in front of him. Eth flipped through a few holo-screens before settling on dinner.

“What’s so interesting?” John asked pointing at the tablet.

“Tracking information,” Whiskers replied without looking up.

“I wanted to ask how you fooled their signal tracker,” Eth said.

Chuck set his drink down, leaning towards Eth, “That was easy.”


“Yes, easy. I told them what they wanted to hear.”

“And what was that,” John interjected, picking up his drink.

“I told them that each chip was collecting data, part of collecting data is sending out bits of data,” Chuck explained with a smile, “thus when they used their signal tracker it told them what they expected that some signal was broadcasting.”

Smiling with understanding, Eth slammed his drink down. A serv-O droid rushed over to refill his drink and top off the rest. John’s brow furrowed, he steepled his fingers in front of his mouth.

“You hope Red Twist believes that,” he said flat toned, “because if he doesn’t he will find you three.”

Whiskers looked up from the tablet, “That is assuming you do not fulfill your contract and arrest him,” Whiskers held up his right paw stalling John’s retort, “Of course if you cannot before the follow up meeting we can coordinate together to arrest him then.”

“I’ll get the job done,” John replied testitly.

“Okay Eth, we took care of our part, now you do yours,” Puddles shot at Eth.

John shot Eth a glare. Eth held up his hands in mock protest.

“Two gangers is all we need and the sooner the better,” Puddles pushed on.

“I’ll find you two,” Eth answered. “Won’t be hard at all.”

Whiskers pushed the tablet over to John who picked up the tablet studying the information intensely. Two serv-O droids rolled out to the table and served hot bowls of noodles.

“This is accurate?” John asked pointing at the tablet.

“Within a few feet,” Whiskers replied.

John sat back, eating and studying the tablet.

“When do you want the gangers?” Eth asked.

“A day or two,” Puddles replied.

Freedom and Commando

Pardon the interruption. I know you were expecting Puddles and Whiskers and so was I, however I woke up at 5 am with a dream/story demanding to be written. Warning, this is rough and odd, yet I think there may be something there to explore later. Here is a detail or two not obvious, Commando is invisible-always-and there is a third character missing, a dwarf or baby (remember it was a dream) wearing a shirt “I went to Cabo and all I got was this T-shirt” carrying a large shotgun or a grenade launcher…oh yeah and this took place in the future. Dreams.


Freedom watched five troopers on patrol through her scope, playing the crosshairs over each one, setting up the perfect shot before moving onto the next one. She let the crosshair linger over a commander, picturing the shot in her mind when she felt a familiar pair of hands wrap around her waist and pop her quick-release belt.

“Not now Commando I’m working.”

“And I know your work excites you,” he said huskily into her ear as her fatigues dropped to her knees. “Oh you dirty girl, your commando too.”

Freedom adjusted her stance, legs apart a bit more allowing Commando access between her legs. His warm hands gliding up and down her legs before diving between them.

“Green light,” their commander announced through their earbuds.

Commando slide a thick finger between her wet lips playing with her clit. She squeezed the trigger and watched a trooper’s head explode into a fine mist just as Commando slide two fingers inside her. Freedom let out a sigh of pleasure.

None of the troopers reacted, yet. The crosshair caressed another trooper’s head, Commando thrust hard with his fingers; she squeezed the trigger a second time, moaning aloud as the trooper’s head disintegrated.

Two of the troopers dove for cover behind a wall. With a flip of a switch, she watched them crouch behind the wall, no hiding today. Commando stroked her engorged clit while pushing against her; she felt his cock against her ass before he pushed down. As his cock slid into her, she squeezed the trigger; a puff against the wall, behind the wall a trooper slid down, headless. Commando second thrust, deeper, harder, Freedom caressed the trigger a fourth time, moaning in pleasure while she watched the fourth trooper fall over.

Commando grabbed her hips, pulling her back onto him with each thrust. She was lost in pleasure, not seeing as much as knowing. The final trooper ran; smart, until he too dropped headless. Freedom moaning with pleasure, gripping Commando’s cock with her pussy, milking as much pleasure as she could from him. Loving his hands on her hips, him pounding her from behind.

The commander got to his vehicle, he must have thought he was safe, Freedom loved the “I survived” look on targets faces. Another flip of a switch. Another hard thrust. Another moan. A final shot. The commander’s headless body slumped into the steering wheel. Freedom came hard, her pussy clutching Commando’s cock several times rapidly. She pushed back with a hand; he slid out of her.

“I got mine,” she said with a wink.

She pulled her fatigues up, buckled them, and started for the door.


Puddles and Whiskers, The Deal


The Deal

“Damnit Eth, do your share and help me get these two into the alley,” John snapped at Eth as he struggled with the ganger’s legs.

“I’m doing the best I can. I don’t want this suit ruined.”

“I’ll buy you a new one.”

“That would make four you owe me,” Eth testily replied, “I’ll go with working slower.”

“Fine, let’s get the second one before shit goes South inside.”


Puddles cracked a smile listening to John and Eth bicker. Walking past Puddles, Chuck drug a wheeled tray next to the chair, placing his case on the tray he waited. Whiskers extended a paw to Red Twist in greeting.

“Are you are guinnea pig?” he said with a smile.

Doctor Mill let out a nervous laugh.

Twist grasped Whiskers paw with his red meme-tattooed augmented fist, the meme-tattoo flaring red before flames burst from the knuckles along the back of the fist, a gentle pressure before releasing.

“That is awesome!” Chuck shouted.

“That is a very nice augment,” Whiskers said.

“Custom made,” Twist growled, “I understand you have chips that may make our jobs easier.”

“I think we do,” Whiskers eagerly replied.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Puddles said, “is there a bathroom?”

A ganger with a silver augment pointed to the back of the warehouse, “Over there.”

Stepping between the gangers, Puddles made a mental note of their visible augments, and holstered guns, “I will be back in a second.”

“As I was saying,” Whiskers resumed, “we at CAH have developed several chips for testing, which is ongoing. If you are willing my technician,” pointing towards Chuck who smiled and opened the case, “will install a beta chip of your choice provided you are willing to meet with again in a month so we can gather the data.”

While Whiskers spoke, the scowl on Twist’s face turned into something resembling interest and ending with suspicion at least that is what Chuck thought, gromathi faces are so hard to read.

“Install them into them first,” Twist growled, the meme-tattoo briefly flaring.

“Into them,” Whiskers stuttered looking to Chuck. “We came prepared to…”

“Them or no deal,” Twist growled with finality.

“Can’t you accommodate Twist and his men?” Doctor Mill practically whined, looking ready to bolt. “I told him you would be ready to sell.”

Chuck stepped around the table one paw on the case, “Sell? That is a bit more than we discussed Doctor. However, we can install chips in your men and you if you would like. Our accounting department might not be happy, but our tech team,” Chuck smiled big, “will be ecstatic at all of the information.”

Doctor Mill looked at Twist. Twist put his augmented hand to his chin, the mem-tattoo flames dancing as he thought. Snapping his fingers, the three gangers stepped forward.

“Them first, then me,” Twist growled, “If nothing goes wrong we can discuss another meeting.”

Whiskers stuck his paw out, “Deal.”

Stepping into the bathroom, Puddles keyed her comm, “Are you two done bickering?”

“I wasn’t…”

“John?” Puddles interrupted.

“Here. What is the situation?”

“I’m in the bathroom. Twist brought three more with him. Augmented hands and heavy pistols,” Puddles said quietly while flushing the toilet.

“You weren’t kidding about the toilet,” Eth said.

“I’m in position by their bikes,” John replied, “give the go phrase if I can take him down inside.”

“Will do.”

Puddles and Whiskers, Overwatch



Ten-hours later…

“Is everyone ready?” Whiskers asked.

Puddles nodded, checking her pistol one last time. Chuck fiddled with the chip case and shook his head affirmative.

“We’re ready,” Eth said over comms.

Puddles smoothed her suit jacket out, “I hope this goes smoothly.”

“So do I,” Chuck replied.

“This does not look good,” Whiskers said pointing at a row of Red Hand bikes outside the address Doctor Mill sent them.

“Shit,” Puddles and Chuck said at the same time.

The car settled to the ground with a thump. Lower Stroud always dark, was darker here due to the number of burned out and broken lights. Parked outside of a warehouse six Red Hand bikes in a row and Doctor Mill’s luxury car. Puddles stepped out of the car scanning the darkness for trouble. Whiskers and Chuck exited the car and headed for the warehouse door. Two Red Hand gangers stepped out of the shadows blocking the door.

“You the techs the doc is expecting,” one of them mumbled.

“I certainly hope so,” Puddles replied with a smile.

“We need to search you before you can go in.”

“We have nothing to hide,” Whiskers replied.

With rough hands the two gangers quickly patted down each of them, “What’s this?” the ganger patting Puddles down said when he found her pistol.

“Personal protection is all,” she replied ignoring the looks from Whiskers and Chuck.

“You can get it when you leave.”

“I’ll take your word,” she replied with a smirk.

A ganger opened the warehouse door and stepped aside. Puddles lead the way into the warehouse looking for trouble.

“Looks like the doc set up shop here,” she said aloud. “There is enough equipment arranged around a chair for us to do our work. Doctor Mill looks scarred. Ah, I see four more Red Hands and lots of guns. That would explain the Doc.”

As soon as Chuck’s tail passed over the threshold, the door closed behind him, “Those are some nice augments each of them have.”

Doctor Mill shouted, “There you are. I was telling Twist about your chips. You did bring the chips?” he finished an octave or two higher.

“Yes Doctor Mill, we brought a small sample of chips,” Whiskers shouted back.

“Targets down,” Eth said over the comm-system.

“That is good news,” Whisker replied.


As soon as the door closed, the gangers relaxed; one of them leaning against the wall, the other lighting up a stick. Leaning against the wall, he took a long drag on the stick, exhaling a moment later.

“How much longer?” He asked the other ganger.

A shrug was his response.

Another long drag, another exhale.

John dropped into the alley as soon as Puddles began talking to the gangers. He was in position to take both of the gangers out by the time the search was finished. Now he waited, listening to Puddles description inside the warehouse. Satisfied with what he heard, he edged to the corner and peeked. The smoking ganger blew out another cloud of smoke as John stepped around the corner and fired four times, the first two dropped the smoker, the third and fourth shots dropped the remaining ganger.

Getting Into The Swing With A Sling

Arm in a sling I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. Writing or typing for long periods will have to wait, as is the ability to use a seatbelt buckle. Hopefully no longer than the end of the week. We shall see.

Since I cannot type to long, I present to you another erotica rough draft…perhaps this will get me to finish it…when my arm works. 🙂

She shivered in the cage, naked except for a wide black leather collar. She heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs. He was coming for her. She shivered with anticipation, the cold no longer a concern. He was in the room with her, she could not see him in the dark, but she knew from the sound of his footsteps he was approaching her cage. The cage door opening caused her to jump.

“Come here, pet,” in his deep bass voice.

On her hands and knees, she shuffled to the opening of the cage. His large hand grasped the back of her neck holding her in place. A click and a tug, her leash was in place. She moved on all fours following the leash. To slow and she would be punished. Too fast and she would be punished. The cement floor was cold and rough on her hands and knees.

The leash went slack. She stopped. No lights, she had to guess what he was doing and where he was. The crack of the nine-tails happened seconds before the lashes struck her back. She cried out and immediately regretted her outburst. The nine-tails struck her between the shoulder blades, the pain caused her to wince, and her head dropped. The nine-tails struck across her ass. The pain was intense, but arousing.

“Head to the floor,” his voice boomed from the dark, “ass in the air. Display yourself.”

She placed her head against the concrete. Her ass went higher as she spread her legs. What could he possibly see in the dark she wondered? The nine-tail struck the right cheek of her ass; one of the tails struck her exposed anus. She tried to muffle the pain, but failed. The nine-tails struck her left ass cheek and then her right. He alternated strikes three times. With each swing of the nine-tails, she could feel the cool breeze on her pussy she was wet. Her ass was sore, her anus even worse. She had managed to stay quiet. The pain was arousing to her.

His muscular legs pushed her legs apart as he knelt between her legs. The leash pulled tight, pulling her head off the floor. His engorged cock slid into her. He was big and the position made him seem larger. Without preamble, he began to drive himself into and out of her pussy. He pulled almost all of the way out, before slamming into her, hard enough to cause her arms to buckle, but the leash kept her upright; choking her into maintaining the position.

He leaned into her, driving his cock deep, the leash choked her as his weight pushed her to the ground. His left hand roughly grabbed her breast. Clutching and grabbing onto the flesh. Then his fingers pinched around the nipple. The pain from her nipple radiated throughout her body as he continued ramming into her. She was surprised how aroused she was, she could hear how wet she was as he pulled out and drove in with a slick sound ending in their flesh smacking together.

Light headed from the collar, he did not seem to be concerned, driving himself as deep as he could into her. His fucking had driven her head to the concrete, her arms laying at her side. Her ass was in the air because of the leash and because he would pull her hips up every few thrusts.


Pain flared across her chest, snapping her to consciousness. Eyes wide, she could not see anything in the dark, but she knew that she was on her back on one of the tables in the room. Her legs locked up in the air and wide apart. Her arms cuffed to the table.

“You failed me,” the booming voice from the dark.

Another blow across both of her breasts. Then another. Her breasts ached, her ass and pussy were sore. He felt his large fingers against her pussy; they slid inside without any resistance. She was wet and wanted more.


Puddles and Whiskers, Dinner Conversations


Dinner Conversations

Puddles watched Doctor Mill try to conceal his surprise at the sight of them.

“Not what you were expecting?” she asked as she sat down.

Sitting down Doctor Mill, “I..I was…”

“We get that all of the time,” Chuck said as he sat down, putting the case next to his chair.

“CAH takes an unconventional approach as you can see,” Whiskers gestured to the three of them. “You were probably expecting a team of cymean technicians.”

Taking a sip from his wine, “Yes. I mean, that is who always shows up at these meetings and…”

“They prattle on for hours about the technical specs,” Chuck interrupted.

“Exactly,” Doctor Mill enthusiastically agreed.

“We won’t bore you with details you can research yourself or better yet, read the brochure,” Whiskers said with a toothy smile.

Doctor Mill laughed, and then they all shared in that laugh.

“Shall we order dinner?” Puddles asked when the laughter died down.

While waiting for their orders, “How did you find me?” Doctor Mill asked.

Puddles looked at Whiskers, “That’s easy,” Chuck replied, “you are one of the top twenty Doctors in Stroud who order augment arms and hands.”

“That makes sense.”

Whiskers tail relaxed. Puddles breathed a quiet sigh of relief into her wine as she took a sip.

“So, what do you have to offer me? Other than a fine dinner,” Doctor Mill said with a laugh.

“That’s a good one Doctor,” Whiskers replied. “I think you will like our wares. Our chief technician will give you the details,” Whiskers finished gesturing to Chuck.

Setting the case on the table, Chuck opened the case towards Doctor Mill. Resting in custom padded compartments, three augmented hands and a selection of chips. Lights in the case illuminated all of the hands causing the chrome to shine bright, casting little rainbows across the case and table. Doctor Mill leaned forward inspecting the hands.

“These don’t look that different. Nice chrome job, but standard augments,” Doctor Mill indicated with some disappointment.

“Oh crap,” Puddles muttered.

“Excellent eye Doctor. These are indeed standard augments, manufactured by other companies,” Chuck jumped in. “Before you say anything allow me to point out the chips.”


“Yes, chips. CAH does sell augments, but what CAH specializes in is modifying chips.”

Doctor Mill’s face lite up. Chuck closed the case, returning the case next to his chair as several serv-O droids appeared with their food.

“I’ll explain after the meal,” Chuck said.

Sitting back from their plates, serv-O droids clearing away plates and filling wine glasses, Doctor Mill resumed the conversation, “Can you tell me about the modifying chips?”

Setting his glass down Chuck replied, “Easy enough, as you are aware all augments come pre-programmed.”

Doctor Mill nodded.

“How many times have patients asked for modifications such as stronger, fine motor control, or something more exotic?”


“And the only option you have is to use a different augment, if there is one available.”

“And there aren’t that many options.”

“CAH has been testing modifying chips, to allow doctors such as yourself to have more options to meet patient requests.”


Whiskers made a show of looking at his watch, “I’m sorry to interrupt Doctor. Unfortunately, we have other appointments this evening. We would love to show you how our chips work; do you have a patient who might be in the market for a chip of ours?”

Doctor Mill thought for a moment, “I do have a patient. Can I send you the details?”

“That would be great.”