I Wonder If This Is What Librarians Go Through

It started with a simple thought, “What if I move this there, making room for that to be moved there, which would free up space for that to go there, which would open up space for games poorly stacked on shelves there to be properly stacked, making not one but two rooms look a lot better.”

See simple.

Even better all of this would get done in time for me to write the next installment of Menagerie.

Yeah, not so simple.

We have a bookshelf with what is left of our collection of movies. I don’t know why anyone owns movies anymore, physical copies I mean, really I don’t. And this is coming from someone who used to purchase new movies every Tuesday. Then one move to many and that huge collection was reduced in size and reduced again after another move until here we are today with a smaller collection that…collected a lot of dust, but looked…cool isn’t the right word; I have never walked into someone’s place, saw a collection of movies, and thought to myself, “Now this person has/is (insert one of the following intelligent, well-rounded, well-read, interesting, etc. all).” Yet, we had movies on display as if that meant something or because back when having a movie player was a necessity easier to get too, not that we watched a lot of the movies. Nope, purchased for one reason or another and for the most part left to collect dust because Netflix, On Demand, and Cable have made seeing movies a shit tonne easier.

Now books are something to have on display and unlike movies do get used more than one time, especially if the books are cook books, craft books, or game books. And yet, in our “library” are books are crammed onto shelves. This wasn’t the plan when we moved, but necessity of unpacking meant that to make space for other boxes, boxes of books were unpacked onto shelves without any thought about organization. Due to the necessity of keeping places clear for the various bits of maintenance this state of disorganization remained. Internal maintenance of a major size is done for a while.

See where this is going?


Tired of looking at movies nobody watches on display as if they meant something and tired of speaking needless hours searching through disorganized bookshelves I decided this morning, three hours ago as of now, to do the following:

Move the movies to a more compact space while I decide what to do with them

Find all of the cookbooks I use regularly and move them onto a bookshelf that previously held all of my human sexuality books which were moved into the bedroom because while nobody actually looked at the human sexuality books were not as read as the cookbooks.

Next, with an empty bookshelf, find books that would look good on display-Game of Thrones and Harry Potter series-find them, organize them, and put them on the bookshelf that formerly held the movies.

At this moment, I have the movies moved, most of the cookbooks, and so many stacks of books that I finally noticed what time it was.


Not Again

The best laid plans and all of that…forgive me as this move is taking way longer than planned. The heat and humidity is not helping at all. Here is where we are:

  1. Someone did not pack their stuff as requested we only found out late yesterday
  2. Very high heat coupled with humidity slowed everyone down 
  3. Everyone was feeling the last two days
  4. On the plus side, cable and Internet were installed today. I should be up and running by the weekend
  5. While waiting for cable much of the new house was organized or unpacked
  6. It’s feeling more like a home with each unpacked box

Tomorrow should be the last moving day. Sorry for the lame moving posts, but there is an end in sight and many games to play.

Vision (updated)

Move day 2. After a snafu our 17 foot truck when down from a 29 foot truck to a 15 foot truck. Yes, you did read that right. We only needed the truck for the big furniture and totes.

Paul showed up and while everyone else was at breakfast we loaded all but one bed into the truck. Paul had a vison of the truck full and he stuck to that vision. Seeing objects and “knowing” where they fit. Absolutely amazing. Total truck loading time: 1 hour. Load up the cars and most of our old home is at the new place.

Currently, I am at the old place boxing up the last of our stuff. Not much at all. Tomorrow should be the last day other than cleaning. Back to work.

P.S. I typed this using my phone. 🙂

Update: Night One: With the vast majority of our stuff moved we break for dinner. Steak and corn cooked on our grill and eaten outdoors at a picnic table. I do not have words for the happy smiles on everyone’s faces. The kids ran around the yard until nightfall when they stopped long to toast or burn marshmallows. Not bad after two days of moving.

The Move is ON!

Sorry for the late and short post, I am between car loads. We started moving today. With the help of a good friend we got all of the living room and most of the rest of the boxes from upstairs moved.

Tomorrow is the last of the boxes and the big stuff, so expect another short post. On the plus side of the move, the new place looks 100% better. Beyond anything I expected and more upgrades are slated for the very near future. I couldn’t ask for more given the very short time frame that this move has shaped up in.

Back to loading up the cars, hoping to fit one or more loads in to make tomorrow all about the big stuff and last stuff. Tomorrow will be another short post and after that back to “normal.”

Crispy Fried Hicken

I see other people in the world feel the pain of the C-key not working, although in this case I am going to guess that the store owner did not have enough C’s. Or there is such a thing as a hicken. Hopefully crispy fried is the preferred cooking style, not that I can imagine soggy fried anything being something you would want to advertise, let alone eat. Oh well, here is to all the missing C’s in the world.

Amazon and forwarding mail have it out for me. For the life of me and my Prime account I have zero idea why anything cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Let’s remove explosive and dangerous, which I can understand, and focus on this is a game. A game in a box the size of which I have gotten shipped to the PO Box before and much larger boxes. Yet, this particular box was a no go. Being quasi-intelligent, I had the box shipped to our current address hoping it would arrive on our doorstep. Nope sent to forwarding hell, where the box/game could languish for another two weeks.

Messed up thing, aside from the whole no shipping to PO Box, why do I pay for the service if you can’t get it to me, is an expansion will arrive before the game. What do you do with an expansion and no main game. Don’t remind me that we are moving next week, I wanted something new and fun to play and write about. So with that out of the way, what do you do with an expansion? I am going to hazard a guess that I will stare longingly at the expansion and dream of better gaming days ahead. 🙂

Next week looks to be a busy week. If all goes well, and when does that happen, Monday we get the keys and start the move one carload at a time. Monday is also when we take care of the remaining bills. Tuesday, the big move day when we have a Uhaul. Wednesday, unpacking and waiting for the cable/internet to show up. Thursday, more unpacking. Friday, finish up and get back to writing. Hooray!

We all know this won’t go according to plan, but at least I have yet another list to read when it all goes sideways. The plus side, we are more than ready to move. Hell, I am looking forward to moving Boxtopolis to a new site. This site will have better parking and a much better view of grass, tree, road, and other stuff not seen at its current location. I may be able to fly the Boxtopolis flag finally; a piece of cardboard on a stick, doesn’t really wave, more of a…piece of cardboard on a stick. We all dream.

Damnit, popped a button on my pants. Not that has anything to do with anything other than the real time nature of my posts and that I need to add “find pants” to my list of things to do.

Like An Alligator and Other HOT News

Another day in the bath tub of cool water lounging like an alligator. No prey stopped by. Hell, not even someone with a burger and fries. Thus, I lounged until I could stand the water no more. Roughly an hour, for those interested in my alligator time.

So what happened today?

I spent the day making arrangements to move or start moving on Monday! That’s right long suffering readers, we start moving on Monday. This means I should be returning to regular gaming, food, and reasonable amounts of fun soon. I could barely contain my excitement.

Unfortunately, it was too hot to pack. And I didn’t care! Lounge like an alligator and drive around taking care of business and looking for air conditioning not being used properly. How could I tell? If I wasn’t in the air conditioning, it was not being used properly, that simple.

Best part of setting up everything was discovering since the last time I had to turn on utilities that they have consolidated. This meant instead of four phone calls, I only had to make one. Sure there was a lot of transferring me around, but in the end everything was taken care of. Not bad modern world.

That was my day, taking care of most of the necessary business to start moving next week. There may be a day or two where I do not post because of internet issues, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. Right now I am going to dive back into my tub of water and relax for the rest of the weekend. If all goes well, there will be a game or two to talk about before Moving Monday.


WAIT! Don’t go yet. I have a book review. You know my love of shitty books or crapbooks or whatever term you choose for those serial books usually related to another property, such as Halo books or a Roleplaying Game; you pick them up, happy if it is a good read, and then put them on the shelf to be forgotten for a while. I have a serial book that you should read, ALL of you should read: Liar’s Blade by Tim Pratt.

Liar’s Blade is part of the Pathfinder novel series; each one from what I can tell is self-contained. So no need to worry if you have missed anything, you have not. Liar’s Blade is the first novel with Roderick and his talking sword Hrym. Roderick is not a sword waving hero, he is more roguish, relying on wit, charm, and a good dose of humor and banter with Hrym to get out of trouble. Tim Pratt writes a good book, many times I laughed out loud at a description or dialogue between characters.

Liar’s Blade moves swiftly, but not so swift that you get lost or feel that the author is rushing. The action is easy to follow, not overly complex or filled with useless descriptions. The characters grow throughout the book, especially Roderick and Hrym. If you are looking for a good, light summer read get a copy.

Now you can go about your day. 🙂