Games We Play: Con Games

Hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day and remembering why there is a Memorial Day and no it is not a national day to get drunk, eat hot dogs, and party. We are doing our part here at home.

When we went to Motor City Comic Con we took a few games with us, but due to the hectic pace we kept we were unable to play more than a game or two. This time because C4 has shorter hours we packed several games including a new one, We Didn’t Play Test. Before that some suggestions from us about games and travel.

When packing games here are some things we learned:

  1. Smaller games are better, think pack of cards big
  2. Make sure the games do not have a lot of small parts
  3. While you hope this won’t happen, if something should get lost or damage make sure you are okay with that
  4. Quick games are better than long games, people are tired and distracted
  5. Packing more games is not better than packing a few good games
  6. Have games that interest as many people as possible
  7. When playing in public get used to all sorts of interest from passerby’s

For C4 I packed, Get Bit, Star Realms with Colony Wars, Roll For It, and We Didn’t Playtest This. All of them are self-contained, small games, that fit in one bag. Further, if something happened to them I could get another copy at worse.

Here is what happened:

Roll For It is too much for very tired people. I know, a game where you roll dice and match pictures can become frustrating when the dice won’t roll the pictures. Tired people get frustrated quicker, see where this is going?

Get Bit is a great little game, except when people play in a easy to recognize pattern. Then Get Bit becomes repetitive and boring.

Star Realms was the favorite of the trip. We taught two people how to play and they loved the game. I expected to play a game or two, at most. We played every day, a couple of games each day. We even played a quick game before C4 opened on Sunday. Star Realms is an extremely well designed game making games close and keeping everyone engaged. Adding Colony Wars to allow 4 players made games more interesting.

We Didn’t Playtest This was…the adults expected a lot more. The kids had no clue what to expect. The gamer in me hoped for more and got what he expected. We Didn’t Playtest This is played as such, deal two cards to each player. On your turn draw a card from the draw pile. Pick a card and place the card in front of you. Follow the instructions on the card in front of you. That’s it.

Here’s the rub, the goal is to win. Many of the cards are instant win, everyone hold up 1 to 5 fingers, those with an odd number lose. Now, if we were drinking, this probably would’ve been fun. As it was there were no drinks and there were children. Children and adults don’t like instant lose over and over and over again. So here is my recommendation, IF you are looking for an extremely quick game (longest game was 4 minutes) to carry around, you are not looking for things to make sense, fun cards to read (the cards are very fun to read), then pick up We Didn’t Playtest This. Otherwise stick with Cards Against Humanity.


Not Again

The best laid plans and all of that…forgive me as this move is taking way longer than planned. The heat and humidity is not helping at all. Here is where we are:

  1. Someone did not pack their stuff as requested we only found out late yesterday
  2. Very high heat coupled with humidity slowed everyone down 
  3. Everyone was feeling the last two days
  4. On the plus side, cable and Internet were installed today. I should be up and running by the weekend
  5. While waiting for cable much of the new house was organized or unpacked
  6. It’s feeling more like a home with each unpacked box

Tomorrow should be the last moving day. Sorry for the lame moving posts, but there is an end in sight and many games to play.

Vision (updated)

Move day 2. After a snafu our 17 foot truck when down from a 29 foot truck to a 15 foot truck. Yes, you did read that right. We only needed the truck for the big furniture and totes.

Paul showed up and while everyone else was at breakfast we loaded all but one bed into the truck. Paul had a vison of the truck full and he stuck to that vision. Seeing objects and “knowing” where they fit. Absolutely amazing. Total truck loading time: 1 hour. Load up the cars and most of our old home is at the new place.

Currently, I am at the old place boxing up the last of our stuff. Not much at all. Tomorrow should be the last day other than cleaning. Back to work.

P.S. I typed this using my phone. 🙂

Update: Night One: With the vast majority of our stuff moved we break for dinner. Steak and corn cooked on our grill and eaten outdoors at a picnic table. I do not have words for the happy smiles on everyone’s faces. The kids ran around the yard until nightfall when they stopped long to toast or burn marshmallows. Not bad after two days of moving.

The Move is ON!

Sorry for the late and short post, I am between car loads. We started moving today. With the help of a good friend we got all of the living room and most of the rest of the boxes from upstairs moved.

Tomorrow is the last of the boxes and the big stuff, so expect another short post. On the plus side of the move, the new place looks 100% better. Beyond anything I expected and more upgrades are slated for the very near future. I couldn’t ask for more given the very short time frame that this move has shaped up in.

Back to loading up the cars, hoping to fit one or more loads in to make tomorrow all about the big stuff and last stuff. Tomorrow will be another short post and after that back to “normal.”

This Old House

The soul of our home has been packed away and awaits the new location.

It took several months to build a bedroom for us. Some of you may remember the series of posts “Room for Fucking” on the old blog. That room which was the center of the house for the adults was taken down today. Took months to build the bed, find the wall art, wall stickers, and various holders for our toys and knick knacks. Months.

Barb built the bedframe herself. We modified the bedframe until it was perfect for…well, you get the picture. Months to find all of the colored fabric that I wove into patterns over the bed. This lowered the ceiling height and cut down on the brightness from the painfully white walls interaction with any light source. On the ceiling and walls hundreds of glow in the dark stars.


Difficult day, head to the bedroom and relax.

Good day, head to the bedroom and relax.

Need some quiet, head to the bedroom.

I think you get the point. No other room in this place has encapsulated our experiences as much as the bedroom and in one hour the bedroom was taken down and packed up. The house feels different. Similar to when we moved in except the potential of the place is gone. For the next people for sure, but we have been here for five years and three months which is one year and three months longer than planned.

For the next people to move in here are a few things to know about this place:

  1. More people than you have keys to this place and there will be times when you are sure that someone has been in here
  2. This place is home to the internet for the string of buildings, which means on occasion IT and internet people will be in your place
  3. There are pipes in the basement that leak and a hole in the basement that water flows in through during heavy rains and after winter. The basement has not flooded, but the potential remains. Numerous calls to maintenance have gotten a lot of “pipes are sweating,” just a heads up
  4. All of the windows leak air, lots of it
  5. All of the windows have violent mold growth; despite regular cleanings with bleach and anti-mold agents, the mold returns like clock work
  6. The front door may ice over during the winter, on the inside
  7. Ants, summer time, lots of ants from all doors and windows
  8. Downstairs bathroom is known to get bees and wasps inside because they nest near the intake vent for the house fan
  9. The house fan is loud and does nothing to improve the quality of the temperature or air
  10. You can hear everything your neighbors are doing and cooking and smoking, house fan only makes the smells better or worse depending upon what they are cooking or smoking. Assume they can hear you.
  11. Parking sucks, get used to it from day one
  12. Snow removal is spotty, sometimes really good, other times invest in a sled dog team, regardless the porch is a death trap unless heavily salted

I could go on, but the next people should learn to enjoy surprises.

Cross your fingers, tomorrow starts the move…



Crispy Fried Hicken

I see other people in the world feel the pain of the C-key not working, although in this case I am going to guess that the store owner did not have enough C’s. Or there is such a thing as a hicken. Hopefully crispy fried is the preferred cooking style, not that I can imagine soggy fried anything being something you would want to advertise, let alone eat. Oh well, here is to all the missing C’s in the world.

Amazon and forwarding mail have it out for me. For the life of me and my Prime account I have zero idea why anything cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Let’s remove explosive and dangerous, which I can understand, and focus on this is a game. A game in a box the size of which I have gotten shipped to the PO Box before and much larger boxes. Yet, this particular box was a no go. Being quasi-intelligent, I had the box shipped to our current address hoping it would arrive on our doorstep. Nope sent to forwarding hell, where the box/game could languish for another two weeks.

Messed up thing, aside from the whole no shipping to PO Box, why do I pay for the service if you can’t get it to me, is an expansion will arrive before the game. What do you do with an expansion and no main game. Don’t remind me that we are moving next week, I wanted something new and fun to play and write about. So with that out of the way, what do you do with an expansion? I am going to hazard a guess that I will stare longingly at the expansion and dream of better gaming days ahead. 🙂

Next week looks to be a busy week. If all goes well, and when does that happen, Monday we get the keys and start the move one carload at a time. Monday is also when we take care of the remaining bills. Tuesday, the big move day when we have a Uhaul. Wednesday, unpacking and waiting for the cable/internet to show up. Thursday, more unpacking. Friday, finish up and get back to writing. Hooray!

We all know this won’t go according to plan, but at least I have yet another list to read when it all goes sideways. The plus side, we are more than ready to move. Hell, I am looking forward to moving Boxtopolis to a new site. This site will have better parking and a much better view of grass, tree, road, and other stuff not seen at its current location. I may be able to fly the Boxtopolis flag finally; a piece of cardboard on a stick, doesn’t really wave, more of a…piece of cardboard on a stick. We all dream.

Damnit, popped a button on my pants. Not that has anything to do with anything other than the real time nature of my posts and that I need to add “find pants” to my list of things to do.