This What Not Being Sick Reads Like

“You’ve been gone the length of a bible.”

-paraphrased by me from Shakespeare in Love (an excellent film)

I have not, knock on wood, been sick. EVERYONE immediately around me has. Some of them more than one time. Given that there are five people around me and there have been 8 illnesses, you do the math and then you will understand why I have not been anywhere at all.

However, everyone is currently, again knock on wood, healthy.

Which brings me and you up to date.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

What? Still here…fine here is a bunch of stuff you have missed because you don’t live here.


Last night Palladium Books finally fessed up that they fucked up or in their vernacular once again laid the blame on everyone else. The gist, they have no money as in evidence by the statement that they cannot afford to pay shipment on the offer they made to backers. I could curse and rant and rave about this, but in all honesty I am glad that it is finally over. I am even happier that the Robotech license was taken away from them and I hope that the various lawsuits being bantered about see some measure of success against Palladium Books.

Blogging Apathy

While dealing with the sick I did not blog. You may have noticed that. I tried to blog once, but nothing happened. I’m not feeling it. Reading that many WordPress sites have a keylogging virus and the “fix” did not engender me to return. In fact, if it was not for my love of closure I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this. Of course I am a wishy washy person, so who knows.

Role-Playing Haps, Miss and Otherwise

Right before the wave of disease settled upon us we were role-playing. In my infinite wisdom I tried to offer an alternative game for us to play. I like Pathfinder as something to read. As something to play, way too many rules. I have no clue why rpgs feel the need to make a rule for everything and then make complicated rules for the stuff you are supposed to do a lot, but they do and I don’t want to be bothered. Which is why I tried to switch to Fate Core. Unfortunately, freedom of creation turned out to be a bigger burden than 79 steps to finish a round of anything (that is an exaggeration, but at times felt that way). I don’t know what is going to happen now that the disease has passed.

My Big Puddles and Whiskers Notebook

While I have not written here, I have written in a notebook that goes most places with me. I decided not to share any of my stories for a while because I have been bumrushing them to you. What this means is, I get an idea, I write it, I share it…without much thought to what is next. Now I am taking the time to craft the universe, the characters, and the action. For me this is more satisfying and will be how it remains until…well whenever. Gist of this is that Puddles and Whiskers are alive and well.

Social Media Pull Out

I started the process of reducing my social media depression machine. For those not in the know, use of social media can lead to depression. Lots of reasons why. No, I am not depressed, but I noticed a correlation between social media and my general happiness. So I cut myself off and my happiness has gone up. Facebook gone, LinkedIn gone, several smaller blogs gone or soon to be gone, and so on.  You don’t need to know my every move and I don’t need to know yours. Trust me, I will be happier.

No Games…

This is a bummer, but again due to illness we have only started to game again. I swear illness sucks.

Final Words

I don’t know if this will be my final blog or not. I don’t feel any urge to share with the world anymore. I told my story of college and then some. That being said, this blog will remain here in case I do decide to return, which knowing me could be tomorrow or another month.


-I hated Shane, the landowner should’ve won


Robotech RPG Tactics, Wave Two of Talking

While I continue to work on new Puddles and Whiskers with a focus on a new story I have paid attention to rumblings over on the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter. Yes, that thing is still ongoing. I know right, how is it possible that after 3+ years a project that has shown ZERO proof of progress could still be active? Seems all you as a creator has to do to avoid ANY action at all by Kickstarter or for that matter the legal system is to continually and semi-regularly say something somewhere along the lines of “We are still doing stuff about the thing and that we are doing stuff, not that we can show or tell you about the stuff we are doing, means we are making an effort, which means you backers can’t do anything other than grumble about that thing we assure you we are doing stuff about and we sure as hell can continue to mention that thing and how great it will be once we get that stuff done.”

Or something  along those lines. Remember Kickstarter creators who drop the ball and need a way out of being sued to death, IF you borrow the above, please give credit where credit is due, because while I cannot sue you for being an fucktard and screwing up the Kickstarter I can sue you for plagiarism and a whole bunch of other isms. Always cite your sources. 🙂

Why “Wave Two of Talking” because a new talking head has appeared and he is talking about Wave Two and the future of a game that is so dead he might be a necromancer (it is also a not so subtle play on the missing Wave Two product and a new spokesperson). His name is Scott.

Here is what I can say for Scott, he writes better than anyone before (low threshold for those wondering). To this date he has kept his word, meaning that he has not promised anything other than to post updates more frequently. His particulars are vague. His better writing is also vague, at times condescending, and he is on a tight leash.

All of that being said, he has managed to put out several updates full of nothing that read better, but I said that already. I do not know why he, as the new spokesperson is not allowed to say the following, but he should be able to say all of the following:

1.) Palladium Books is sorry

2.) Palladium Boos is sorry

3.) Here is the real story, complete transparency, with the Kickstarter including how much, where, what, and why without any blaming, without any finger pointing or anything else that backers have been subjected to for 3+ years

4.) Here is the real story on where the Kickstarter is or isn’t; an honest with PROOF, of where the project is in production or if the project is dead

5.) Palladium Books will stop sounding like the gaming version of Donald Trump with “how great everything will be and Robotech RPG Tactics is the greastest and biggest, and will be the greatest, bestest, yadda yadda yadda.” Seriously, whoever continues to write about how great Robotech is doing is every other form of media and the potential for a movie and then tying that to this project does not understand how that works and is only sounding like a fool.

6.) Palladium Books is offering as a sign of goodwill and an honest effort to restart relations with 5,000+ people who generously funded whatever (speculation continues to run rampant where 1.4 million went) over the past 3+ years the following:

a.) A FULL refund no questions asked and no bullshit, just a FULL refund

b.) An Amazon gift card for X dollars for continuing to wait; DO NOT offer Palladium Books project, I know that is a money saving move, but if you read the comments there are roughly 5000+ who want NOTHING from Palladium Books other than what they paid for 3+ years ago.

c.) Should Wave Two get produced a little bonus in the form of some of the “convention exclusive figures”

Personally, if I was Scott and/or Palladium Books I would start with 1 AND 2 written by Scott, not anyone else as the last two mouthpieces couldn’t write their way out of a wet paper bag and tended to piss off more people than anything else. Then after the apology, again if I was Scott and/or Palladium Books, I would move to 6.

But that is me.

I expect more better written smoke and mirrors.

Robotech RPG Tactics: Update 197 Weekend, My Thoughts

If there were only two sides to an argument conflict of all kinds would be easy.

White, Black

She said, He said

Right, Wrong

Jelly, Peanut Butter

Unfortunately, rarely are there only two sides to an argument. Again, unfortunately, it is a human condition to attempt to boil any argument down to two sides. Two is a lot easier to comprehend. Having a side to defend and assail is much easier than taking the time to look at all of the sides and even easier than taking the time to understand all of the sides and even easier again, than attempting to have some compassion and understanding for those who you disagree with.

This weekend, starting Friday and potentially ongoing, a series of events unfolded and here is what I know…

Carmine Bellaire of Rogue Heroes Games wrote a poorly worded post on the Robotech RPG Tactics comments. He may have had the best of intentions, unfortunately his words were poorly chosen. Essentially, he was attempting to drum support for his impending Rifts Boardgame Kickstarter and deflect as much negative attention from disgruntled Robotech RPG Tactics backers.

  • Prior to his comments, there had been discussion of backing the Rifts Boardgame with a dollar to post comments/commentary on the negative state of the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter, to avoid anything Palladium Books in general, and be disruptive (in my opinion, a poor way to handle the situation)

What followed was, by internet standards with a few exceptions, a reasonably spirited discussion/argument. Make no mistake a lot was said, most of what was said was not well thought or well intentioned by anyone. This is a problem with internet communication where people on all sides are passionate and feel they have a stake in the discussion.

The following day or so, Kevin Siembieda president of Palladium Books posted Update 197 “A Terrible Day.” I can only hope that Kevin really does have the best interests of Carmine in mind when he wrote Update 197. Unfortunately, instead of writing a factual account of Carmine’s attempted suicide, support for Carmine, and expressing empathy and understanding for Carmine, people who are suicidal, and his target audience, he wrote an attack piece, laying the blame for Carmine’s situation at the feet of the backers.

And that is where I got involved. At first I was curious. Then I started researching. And here were are.

Remember, there are more than two sides to this and nothing is mutually exclusive.

Carmine did what he did not because of a single conversation on the internet. People who harbor suicidal thoughts harbor them for a long time and there are issues beyond the obvious and immediate. That conversation or the one on the Palladium forums or anywhere else may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, but make no mistake Carmine needed assistance before then.

Kevin wrote what he wrote, not because he was truly concerned with his friend. The tone and topics of the Update speak directly to this. A friend in need is never in need of having their laundry aired in public, especially in the manner that Kevin chose.

What bothered me most, was the following…

the expectation of the tone Kevin’s update, that when there was a situation to exploit, Kevin would and did take that route.

the level of distrust of Kevin and Palladium Books has engendered, that the thought, “Kevin made it up” was seriously brought up and that is a horrible thought to have.

the complete lack of follow thru, see, on one hand I am okay with what Kevin wrote, if I thought someone or a group of someone’s had done something that led to a friend getting harmed, I too would react in an over the top manner. I would blame them. I would castigate them. I would hold them responsible. I would rant and rave without much thought.


I would think. I know I would do this, because I have been there.

Kevin should, not needs too, write another Update. He does not have to offer an apology for what he wrote. He should however, speak of his friend in better terms, stop speaking for his friend, inform the community he blamed of his friend’s condition, he should reach out to those who may also harbor similar thoughts, he should demonstrate that he is indeed concerned about his friend and not about his company. He should, in other words, do more.

What about the community? Well, I cannot speak for all internet communities and I won’t. I can say that there are people who need to dial back the vitriol, dial back the rhetoric, dial back the aggression. I understand frustration. I understand frustration leading to anger and all it takes to spark anger into a fire is a few poorly chosen. The community too, should do more.

For Carmine and others who harbor similar thoughts, I hope he recovers. I hope he moves on from this in a positive manner. I hope he has support and gets more support. I hope he reengages with the community, because while his initial words may have been poorly chosen, there is a dialog to engage in for everyone.

Finally, information…

Michigan Association for Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services-Suicide Prevention

* I have not provided links to the comments or Update 197 for my own reasons.


Blowing Robotech RPG Tactics Smoke

I should not have been surprised at all with the end result of our attempt at a home, after all I have been listening to the same lines from Palladium Books about the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter. At least Kickstarter has the decency or smarts to remain quiet and not make things worse by…well see below from today’s (the first in 3 months) “update.”

“We apologize for the 3 months of MIA, as we have been working on multiple productions under the Palladium Books umbrella, plus contending with the process of a recovery after an accident.”

Apologize for the 3 months? What about 3 years of nothing? Well not nothing, but definitely not the whole promised package. What are these multiple productions? A good, hell a halfway decent project manager would not use such an ambiguous phrase with customers, they would detail what the “multiple productions” are and where they are in the production cycle. Right now I imagine someone at Palladium Books is using Wikipedia to read about Project Manager. The accident by the way was a broken arm of one person. Nothing that should have shut down Robotech RPG Tactics for 3 months or 3 years or even 3 days. Unless, Palladium Books is one person in which case, suck it up!

“Wave Two Rewards – This is and will remain our first and primary objective with RRT. It has been painstakingly slower than what we ever expected. As mentioned before, we are seeking to make improvements on Wave Two rewards based on your input and what we have learned with Wave One. This includes reduced part count, reduction of seams and better sprue layouts. However, there are many Wave Two figures that have to be reevaluated and quoted by various manufacturers. They have to review each figure, devise ideal part reductions and mold compositions. This process takes considerable time, and is even longer when there is already a pipeline of projects to be quoted ahead of ours.”

I call bullshit! This “first and primary objective” and “seeking to make improvements” and “reduced part count..blah, blah, blah, blah…BULLSHIT! I could have done all of this by myself faster. There are people who are self-producing the miniatures and they are not having any of the issues that Palladium Books is supposedly encountering. Thus, I call BULLSHIT! None of the above is anything one person with reliable access to Google, a good phone, paper-pen, and some uninterrupted time to couldn’t bang out in under two-weeks.

“RRT Relaunch & Support – We have received excellent suggestions, help and support from numerous RRT backers, event planners, avid wargamers, and Megaversal Ambassadors for in-depth insight, suggestions and ideas on how we can best relaunch Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and provide the support you want. And we intend to tap into many more people for their help and feedback, so keep ‘em coming. There are some wonderful plans developing on how to implement some entertaining options for organized game play, RRT community development and much more.”

Why bother? Robotech RPG Tactics is a shitte game. Not only me saying that. Lots of reviews. Plus the game play and numbers behind the game do not work. I should know, I wrote about them. And do not get me started on the quality of the writing. I have failed students who wrote better. Yet…yet, let’s say there are people out there, lots of them, who do enjoy the game for what it is and have been cheerfully chiming in with suggestions, WHAT ARE THEY? “There are some wonderful plans” is a bullshit throwaway statement used by people who don’t have anything. Seriously, if you have something “wonderful” now would be a good time to share them in the hopes of salvaging something from 5k people who originally supported the game.

“Future RRT Products & Support – This applies to all aspects of RRT, from Wave Two fulfillment and beyond. There have been noteworthy discussions as we review ancillary products, event support and organization, and what needs to follow.”

Again, why bother? Unless all of these pieces are being planned now while Palladium Books is working on Wave 2 (history has shown that this is not happening), why bother? Three years have passed with no end in sight, for the initial range of Robotech RPG Tactics. There is more than enough bad press about Palladium Books and Kickstarter to ensure that unless the license is firmly planted in someone else’s ownership, Palladium Books should never have another in-house successful Kickstarter. Don’t talk to me about Savage Worlds RIFTS, Pinnacle handled that themselves, Palladium Books was only a name.

“In the immediate months after Gen Con we expect to be focusing a large amount of our efforts on moving Robotech RPG Tactics™ and Robotech® forward. Please understand, the fulfillment of Wave Two rewards is extremely important to us and we simply want to try our very best to provide the best game pieces and gaming experience that the RRT backers deserve. We appreciate all of your support, ideas and patience, and we sincerely apologize for these delays. You’ll start to see more happening soon.”

Uh huh, sure you will. Palladium Books has not focused on Robotech RPG Tactics, other than to spare fewer and fewer words saying nothing, for the past three years and after 2 Gen Cons. So why would things change now? Oh, sure there has been an influx of cash from their deal with Pinnacle (better have been), but there was 1 MILLION dollars when the Kickstarter finished. I can’t even appreciate the effort to apologize, because even in this missive from Palladium Books there are so many areas to provide details, to demonstrate that anything other than blowing smoke is happening and the author of the missive chose generalities.

Much like our house, “its going to happen,” has happened too late.


Semi-Annual Robotech RPG Tactics Update & Rant

Who likes long stories without an end? Raise your hands. Come on. I know someone in the room does. Yes, you over there you silly fool and let me guess you would pay to hear that long story without an end?

If you guessed that silly fool was me, then you guessed right. If you too are a silly fool I will hazard a guess that you too paid good money to Palladium Games for the abysmal Robotech RPG Tactics and you are (check all that apply)…

  • waiting patiently for the rest of your order
  • forgot about Robotech RPG Tactics
  • laughing at us silly fools because you knew better or got lucky and did not have the money to give away
  • praying for a refund
  • praying for news of Wave 2
  • praying for the death of Palladium Games
  • other (please fill in the blank)

Yes folks, its that time of the year again. That time of the year where I post information gathered by another individual who is way more dedicated to the task I am; ask why no one in the world seems to care that 1 million plus dollars was turned into plastic crap; no one in the world seems to care that customers-investors-suckers-or whatever they are called have no protection or rights on Kickstarter; and where I send out this message into the interwebs where I hope other people will see this and take heed.

Let’s start with the information gathered by another person, screen name Forar (thank you for gathering this information):

Speaking of which, let’s check on the big board!

Days since Wayne said he’d give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: *308*
Days since the campaign was supposed to fully deliver: 863
Days since the campaign ended: 1,088

Days until the end of 2017: 600

Period of time since the campaign became overdue added to show some perspective on just how late things are. Not that being late is in and of itself unacceptable; that’s a more complicated matter of both the factor of how late we are (7 months taking 8 is vastly more acceptable than 7 months taking 36-48+), their lackluster communications (both in terms of frequency and substantial information), and in comparison to their own wave one time table, just to name a few points of contention.

As you can see a long time has passed since anything has happened. If this were any other business the consumers-investors-suckers-or whatever we are being called (be nice) would have gotten a refund from the company (cough, Palladium Books) eager to avoid all of the bad press, negative information, and demonstrate they really do care about their reputation and customers (most likely in that order). Alas, because this was a Kickstarter, Palladium Books is under no obligation to do anything even remotely nice and from what I can tell only has to continue to say that they are “doing stuff” to avoid any repercussions other than bad press (which they seem to care not about).

Why no one in power or with access to power or desiring to create a name for themselves (the press would love this story and all of the other stories of failed Kickstarters-seriously there is a press gold mine of failed Kickstarters where the customers-investors-suckers-or whatever we are called did not get our order, our money back, and have ZERO recourse) has taken on the issue of consumer protection and Kickstarter I do not know. I do know that I have

asked for a refund…been told “Nope, Kickstarter says we don’t have to and we won’t.”

asked for information…been told, nothing and their “Updates” are horrible. Seriously Palladium Books hire a PR person who knows how to write a press release and give information in a positive way or hell, who knows how to put words together in sentences.

asked for my protections from Kickstarter…been told, “As long as they (Palladium Books) makes a good faith effort…” What is good faith? Like the Cloud and Porn you know it when you see it but you cannot define it other than to say you saw it or in this case, some random “update” that prattles on about how awesome they are, how awesome it will be, and how they are doing awesome stuff, but because people were mean to them (read feedback and pissed off over the delays) they won’t say until they have something awesome, which they are working on.

Fuck all.

This has been your semi-regular Robotech RPG Tactics update.



Robotech RPG Tactics: New Year, New Smoke, Mirrors, & Dreams

Allow me to pull a Palladium Books and cut-n-paste some of my last Robotech RPG Tactics post. If they don’t care enough to write about their own product line, then neither do I care enough to write a completely new intro to what seems to be the same song, to the same dance, for a new year. However, unlike Palladium Books, I will quote myself, because without the quotes I could be accused of plagiarizing myself and with the quotes I will also be taking on another trait of a Palladium Books spam email/adsheet “update,” making myself sound more important to…well myself…than I actually am. 🙂

“I can honestly say that I hate writing about Robotech RPG Tactics or should I say, I hate writing about the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter, Kickstarter, and Palladium Books complete and utter lack of progress.” -Nate Richmond, Robotech RPG Tactics: End of the Year Update

I’ll let the numbers, regularly updated, by a backer with the screen name of Forar (thank you for keeping this bit of bookkeeping) do the talking. Just make sure to add 3 days to these numbers because that has been how many days have passed since Forar updated them:

  • Days since Wayne said he’d give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: **182**
    Days since the last substantial Wave 2 info: 312
    Days since the campaign ended: 962
  • Days until the end of Q2 2016: 176 (current “ideal”)
    Days until Gencon 2016: 209
    Days until the end of 2016: 360
  • Give or take a few hours, we’ve literally hit the half year mark since Wayne was supposed to bring us up to speed on the status of the project. 10.5 months since we saw substantial progress on Wave 2. A month(ish) out from a full thousand days since the campaign ticked over (queue some dudes chiming in that they’ll happily wait another thousand because PB are so dreamy). Less than half a year from the alleged target, and just under 7 months from the obvious reason that this is the target.

Funny thing was I had no intention of writing about this debacle (at all this year), but two things happened. One, someone posted a link to all of the Robotech RPG Tactics posts (thank you). Two, I opened up my weekly spam email/ad sheet from Palladium Books and read this…

2016 Robotech® RPG Tactics. We renewed the Robotech® license and look forward to getting RRT Wave Two into your hands and onto store shelves. I’ll offer up more info and details in an update in the next few weeks. More Robotech® sourcebooks are in the pipeline, too.” -Palladium Books, Weekly Update 2016-01-08

I’m not sure what to think, because after 965 days, only 176ish backers have received their completed order of Robotech RPG Tactics. There are backers who have ordered only a single miniature, who have NOT gotten their order filled. Not one single governmental agency seems to have taken in an interest in this, which is interesting to me because there are a lot more people filing complaints with the BBB, Michigan and other states Attorney Generals, and FTC…or should I be accurate and say, there are more people saying that they have done this. The only thing I can say accurately, is that Palladium Books BBB rating has, as of two days ago, taken a hit. Not that seems to mean anything.

I would think or maybe hope, that if Palladium Books, 1.4 million dollars, and the complete lack of transparency was not interesting to some up and comming lawyer (thinking your standard Grisham novel), that taking on Kickstarter would be. After all we 5,000+ national and international backers/investors/consumers/generally screwed people cannot be the only people who have run into this problem.

What problem? A company with a successfully backed project that has failed to provide said project in a timey fashion nor provided clear, transparent communication about the lack of progress. Kickstarter the company that should be on the side of the backers, is remaining out of the fray with some reasonably clever Terms of Service. So, if no one is interested in some piddly ass company out of Michigan, Kickstarter should be of interest because they got their cut of the money and are doing nothing for 5,000+ backers.

Of course, in my world (I know I dream), someone with some power to make things happen, would take an interest in both. Money or product would be delivered to backers and most of all backers for ALL Kickstarter projects would get some mother fucking consumer protection rights!

I know, I dream.

End of The Year Robotech RPG Tactics Update

I can honestly say that I hate writing about Robotech RPG Tactics or should I say, I hate writing about the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter, Kickstarter, and Palladium Books complete and utter lack of progress.

I’ll let the numbers regularly updated by a backer with the screen name of Forar (thank you for keeping this bit of bookkeeping) do the talking. Just make sure to add 5 days to these numbers because that has been how many days have passed since Forar updated them:

  • Days since the last update: 63 (the longest period of time between updates yet by several days now)
  • Days since Wayne said he’d give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: **152**
  • Days since the last substantial Wave 2 info: 283
  • Days since the campaign ended: 933
  • Days until the end of Q2 2016: 205 (current “ideal”)
  • Days until Gencon 2016: 238
  • Days until the end of 2016: 389

In other words, nothing has happened. The backers continue to vent, complain, speculate, and talk about this Kickstarter and others, but have yet to do much else. There is, as there always is, people who do file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and those who inform anyone who asks the other agencies that they can file complaints with (FTC and Attorney Generals), but as far as I know, no legal action has been taken.

Kickstarter has not done anything about this Kickstarter, at least not in a public way. I can tell you that I am done with Kickstarter, because if I as a backer/investor/consumer do not have any protections against…well extremely long delays, lies, and complete lack of communication from a company, why should I spend my money? I shouldn’t. Backers/Investors/Consumers or whatever we are called should have MORE protections and support than the people/companies making Kickstarter Campaigns. Despite the “risk” for a Kickstarter Campaign, it is the backer/investor/consumer who is assuming the risk-I give someone my money and I have no ability through Kickstarter to take action to ensure that I get my product or a refund. That is a lot of risk on my part.

And what has Palladium Books done or had to say on the subject? This is the last “update,” titled a Quick Note From Kevin:

“Hi, everyone. I just wanted to let you know you are far from forgotten. Things are moving on Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave Two, as we explore a number of different possibilities. For a variety of business reasons we cannot yet discuss or reveal exactly what we are looking into and considering. For one, if some of the things we are exploring don’t pan out, we don’t want you to be disappointed. And it seems like every little while, the things we are considering doing get changed for one reason or another.

I can tell you, we want to make sure the rest of the Kickstarter items and future Robotech® RPG Tactics™ product are something special and the best they can be, especially after the long delays in getting Wave Two into your hands. We are examining many different possibilities, but until we nail down the final details, we can’t say much yet. We’ll try to provide some more insight on this next week. But we are exploring many things we know you will enjoy. This includes a number of ideas for the relaunch of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ next year when Wave Two comes out.”

Smoke and mirrors. This has been written numerous times before by Palladium Books. Take note that the “plan” is to relaunch a game that never got a launch. I wish I had something concrete to write about, but nobody is doing anything other than write about what they “are going to do” be that legal action of one sort or another or relaunch a bad game if and when they figure out what they are going to do fufill their obligation from 938 days ago. Meanwhile, Kickstarter laughs all the way to the bank.