I am an indulgent parent.  At times too indulgent, so I feel, but I also feel that our children should have every opportunity to attempt, try, and experience as many things as possible and when they come to me with something, if I can, I am more than happy to indulge.  This morning and last night were two more indulgences, but before I get to those, for those curious about past indulgences I present to you the following links.

Inspired By The Big Bang Theory

We love the Big Bang Theory and because of that show the following things have happened, not always with success, but without that show there would have been no Indian food, which this family loves so much.  There would not have been playing Talisman, Pathfinder Role-playing, or Dungeons and Dragons role-playing.  All three of which lead to our favorite game Pathfinder Adventure Card Game…well there were plenty of other games along the way, but the Big Bang Theory started the ball rolling.  Lest I forget, the nausea inducing Halo experiment and Mario Kart.

The show also got both children interested in science more than they already were.  With Barb, their mother, working her way through Pharmacy school she is more than happy to indulge the children about science, especially if she can show them a thing or two.  Although sometimes I have to stop her from showing them too much.

Star Wars and Star Trek

Our boy was the first of the children to appreciate the greatness that is both of these culturally important franchises.  Then our girl got involved, interestingly enough not through me, our boy, or Barb, but because of the Big Bang Theory.  Our boy is more of a Star Wars fan, having sat with me through all of the movies and many a Friday and Saturday watching the Clone Wars.  Hell we were both so pissed with the ending of the series and both so uber happy when Netflix released Season Six to finish up most of the series right.  Our girl liked Star Trek more.  Although she thinks both could benefit more from “girls who kick butt.” I happen to agree.  Both of these things coalesced in our failed attempts to play X-wing and our hilarious at time fun Star Trek Attack Wing Games.

Both, much to their mother and my dismay, have been resistant to Firefly and Serenity, still I plug away at the Star Wars Edge of the Empire rpg, just in case.

And Now for Pikmin and Toes

This morning I indulged my boy, by listening to his 35 minute long explanation, with physical demonstrations, of Pikmin 3.  I love my boy, but I have zero interest in Pikmin 3 or at least I did until his passionate performance this morning, which cut through the morning fog and got me adding Pikmin 3 to my play this for the winter.

Hours earlier I indulged my girl when I let her do this to my toes…while you cannot tell, I was able to get a coat of glow-n-the-dark paint on each toe.




Zoe Washburne, Selonian Cat-Warrior

When I read the description of a Selonian (Suns of Fortune book) I thought that Zoe’s character would be a good choice for the selonian species; strong and protective of family.  Plus they are cats.  What more could be better?  In this case I chose a different route for Zoe, in her first write up she is a mercenary, this time I went with bodyguard.  She is still a combat beast, but I feel the talents down the road are more fitting for her character than those of the mercenary.

SelonianSpecies: Selonian

Career: The Hired Gun          Specialization: Bodyguard

Obligation: Debt, shared with rest of crew (10 points)

Motivation: Comradeship with Mal and Love with Wash


Brawn  2  Agility  3  Intellect  2  Cunning  1  Willpower  3  Presence 1

Soak  3  Wounds  15  Strain  14  Defense 0

Skills red is class skill

Athletics 1  Brawl 2  Coordination 1  Discipline 2  Melee 1  Perception 1  Piloting (Planetary) 1  Ranged (Light) 2  Ranged (Heavy) 2  Resilience 2  Vigilance 1


Barrage (Add 1 damage to 1 hit with a successful Ranged (Heavy) attack at long or extreme range);  Durable (Reduce Critical Injury by 10, to a minimum of 1); Grit (+1 Strain); Toughened (+2 Wounds)

Intuitive Navigation

Zoe may use her tail as a Brawl weapon (Check: Brawl + Agility; damage +1; critical 5; range engaged; disorient 2; knockdown). Zoe may spend one advantage to trigger knockdown.


Blaster Pistol (Ranged Light; damage 6; critical 3; range medium; stun setting)

Blaster Rifle (Ranged Heavy; damage 9; critical 3; range long; stun setting)

Heavy Clothing (1 Soak-added in)

Hoban “Wash” Washburne, A Duros On The Wind

Star Wars is known for the multitude of alien races that inhabit the galaxy, and slow but surely Star Wars Edge of the Empire (I assume this as well about Age of Rebellion) is adding them to the game.  As in most role-playing games, species/races other than human are not necessarily anything new or inventive, but options for players looking to specialize or power gamers to abuse.  Good and creative players will go outside the specialization for sure, but most people choose a non-human species/race because they are looking to maximize a specialist idea.  Where is this going?  Today there will be two Ain’t We Big Damn Heroes posts, this one-“Wash”, and later Zoe-both of which have new species/races.  In the case of “Wash” a Duros, which is set up to be pilots and in the case of Zoe a Selonian because the image of Zoe as a cat-woman-warrior was too cool to me.

Hoban “Wash” Washburne was the pilot of the Serenity.  He was a very good pilot.  Perhaps a great pilot, not that you got to compare his piloting skill against other pilots.  He was quirky, he was funny, and he had a very expressive face.  Alas, Duros, as you will see in the image, do not, but they are natural pilots of spaceships, thus the connection.  This version of “Wash” is very skill heavy, part of that is because a couple of skills I thought necessary to “Wash” were not core skills, thus cost more to purchase, but the other reason is because to be a good pilot you need skill and he is a leaf on the wind.

DurosSpecies: Duros

Career: The Smuggler          Specialization: Pilot

Obligation: Debt, shared with rest of crew (10 points)

Motivation: Love to Zoe


Brawn  1  Agility  2  Intellect  3  Cunning  2  Willpower  2  Presence 2

Soak  1  Wounds  12  Strain  12  Defense 0

Skills red is class skill

Astronavigation 2  Coordination 1  Gunnery 1  Knowledge (Core World) 1  Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1  Perception 2  Piloting (Planetary) 1  Piloting (Space) 2  Vigilance 2


Full Throttle (Make a Hard Piloting Check to increase vehicle’s top speed by 1 for 2 turns); Galaxy Mapper (Remove 1 set-back die from Astronavigation checks, and Astronavigation checks take half the time); Skilled Jockey (Remove 1 set-back die from all Piloting (Space and Planetary) checks)

Intuitive Navigation

“Wash” may add 1 advantage to all Astronavigation checks


Colorful Shirts and Plastic Dinosaurs

Jubal Early, Rival, Better Bounty Hunter

“Well…here I am.”

He was only seen on the final episode of Firefly, but he was impressive.  I rank him higher than Boba Fett on my list of bounty hunters, if I had such a list and I do, because people are always asking me who is my favorite Star Wars character is and are surprised when I don’t say Boba Fett. Why would he be my favorite, he got ate by a giant stomach in the middle of the desert. Early, while he may have been last seen floating away in space got defeated by River; she is better than a jedi.  This happens after subduing the rest of the crew. If I remember correctly Boba Fett did not even take out Han Solo, he was given Han Solo as a gift, by Darth Vader, who did take out Han Solo.  Yes, I said that and I meant that, which means that Early who was taken out by better than a jedi ranks higher on any list of bounty hunters than Fett who was taken out by a stomach, a non-mobile stomach at that.  Plus E comes before F.

In terms of Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Jubal is presented as a rival, not a nemesis, only because when we see him in the show he is obviously capable, but he is still defeated on his first encounter.  This doesn’t mean that Jubal could not become a nemesis, but that initially the players should think of him as yet another bounty hunter.  When he comes back…well then they will change their tune.  Below are his stats as a formidable rival.  In another post Jubal as a nemesis.

Jubal EarlyJubal Early


Brawn  2  Agility  3  Intellect  3  Cunning  2  Willpower  2  Presence 2

Soak  4  Wounds  12  Strain  12  Defense 0


Brawl 3  Melee 1  Ranged (Light)  3  Astrogation  2  Coercion 2  Computers 1  Piloting (Space) 2  Stealth 3  Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1  Knowledge (Underworld) 1


Waxing Philosophical (Early talks a lot to disorient his opponents, he makes a Coercion check adding a setback die to each opponent that can hear him)


Firespray Patrol Craft; Blaster Pistol (Damage 6; Critical 3; Range Medium); Padded Armor (Defense 0; Soak +2); Comlink; Electronic Lock Breaker; Binders

Inara Serra, Not Just a Twi’Lek Dancer

Okay, now when I started working on Inara for Star Wars Edge of the Empire, I knew that I was going to have to find a Twi’lek image, what I did not expect and honestly am still grappling with were all of the naked images of Twi’leks and the suggested search term Twi’lek porn.  Now given the image of Twi’leks as dancers for Jabba the Hutt I cannot say I am surprised.  Which brings me around to this write up, Inara is not a prostitute, she is closer to geisha that prostitute.  She knows how to seduce, she knows a lot about the world, and in the movie she can shoot a bow with deadly accuracy.  Make assumptions about Inara Serra the Twi’lek at your own peril.

A word on the skills, due to the way careers and specializations are set up, combined with how skills are purchased there are several skills that I think Inara should have and through game play could achieve, but for now she goes without.  The reason for the inclusion of Ranged (heavy) is because she can use a bow, a bow is a two-handed weapon, which is one of the differences between the light and heavy ranged skill.  Lastly, in a few months a new book will be coming out which covers the Colonist career, this could change Inara for a third or fourth time.

thF1I9WVFASpecies: Twi’lek

Career: The Colonist           Specialization: Politico

Obligation: Duty, bound to her Companion Order (10 points)

Motivation: Extended Family/Clan, Firefly crew and Companion Order


Brawn  1  Agility  2  Intellect  2  Cunning  2  Willpower  2  Presence 3

Soak  1  Wounds  11  Strain  13  Defense 0

Skills red is class skill

Charm 2  Coercion 2  Deception 2  Knowledge (Core Worlds) 2  Knowledge (Education) 1  Knowledge (Lore) 1  Negotiation 1  Pilot (Space) 1  Ranged (Heavy) 1


Inspiring Rhetoric (Make average Leadership check; 1 ally recover 1 strain, spend 1 special ally recovers 1 additional strain); Kill With Kindness 2 (Remove two setback on all Charm and Leadership checks); Plausible Deniability 2 (Remove 2 setback from all Coercion and Deception checks); Scathing Tirade (Make average Coercion check, cause 1 enemy to suffer 1 strain, spend 1 special enemy suffers 1 additional strain)

Arid and Hot Conditioning

Inara can remove 1 setback die due to arid or hot environmental conditions.


Personal Shuttlecraft, which would depend upon the larger ship that the other player’s choose, and the limited choices available at the moment, clothing, Companion related items-which would be a vast list of items most aiding in Charm, Coercion Deception, and Negotiation checks, and her bow (skill: Ranged Heavy; Damage 5; crit 3; Range: Medium; Encum 2; HP 1)

Kaylee Frye, Outlaw Toydarian Technician

thDVT68M84Sure she isn’t as cute as she used to be, but she can hover now.  That’s a plus.  Isn’t it?  Kaylee Frye is the ship’s mechanic and moral center, which in Star Wars Edge of the Empire means that she is a Technician with…well I ended up choosing the Outlaw Tech specialization again because Kaylee did not exhibit any fighting ability, which the Mechanic has and the Slicer is for computers.  Until a better specialization comes along, she will be an Outlaw Tech. But why a Toydarian?  Because…because…ah, because there are now Jawas yet or some other race known for their technical ability.  Plus I happen to like Toydarians, at least in this instance.

Species: Toydarian

Career: The Technician           Specialization: Outlaw Tech

Obligation: Debt, shared with rest of crew (10 points)

Motivation: Expertise


Brawn  1  Agility  1  Intellect  3  Cunning  2  Willpower  3  Presence 3

Soak  1  Wounds  10  Strain  16  Defense 0

Skills red is class skill

Charm 2  Computers 1  Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1  Mechanics 2 Perception 1  Streetwise 1


Grit (+1 Strain); Solid Repairs (Repair + 1 hull trauma per rank of Solid Repair); Tinkerer 2 (May add 1 hard point to two items, each item can only be modified one time); Utini 2 (remove 2 setback dice from checks to find or scavenge items, checks take half time)


Wings allow Kaylee Frye to hover, which means she does not have to spend additional maneuvers to navigate difficult terrain.


Tool Kit and Layer Cake Dress

Sheppard Derrial Book, Bothan

“I never married.”

BothanThat line, which was very early on in the reveal of Sheppard Book, was when I knew that I would like his character regardless.  And he never disappointed.  From his “One has lepers,” line to his hair (you know the episode), and into “If you take sexual advantage of her, you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater,” Sheppard Book never failed to amuse, entertain, and as the series moved along surprise.  He was one of my favorite characters because he was always there providing a sense of civilization and then…something to do with the Alliance, a hidden past…what he can use guns…Sheppard Book former Agent turned wandering missionary-Awesome!  The first write I did for him tried to capture as much of that as possible, this version in which he is a Bothan, notable in the Star Wars universe for being spies, does this a bit, but leans more towards his wandering missionary side or at least I think this one does.

Species: Bothan

Career: The Bounty Hunter           Specialization: Assassin and Politico

Obligation: Oath to Brotherhood (20 points)

Motivation: Religion/Spirituality


Brawn  2  Agility  2  Intellect  3  Cunning  3  Willpower  2  Presence 2

Soak  2  Wounds  12  Strain  13  Defense 0

Skills red is class skill

Athletics 1  Brawl 1  Charm 2  Coercion 1 Deception 1  Knowledge (Core Worlds) 1 Melee 1  Perception 2  Ranged (Heavy) 1  Stealth 1  Streetwise 1 


Convincing Demeanor (remove one failure on Deception or Skullduggery check); Dodge (suffer Strain to increase difficulty of a Combat check to hit the character); Kill With Kindness (remove one failure on all Charm or Leadership checks); Plausible Deniability (remove one failure on all Coercion and Deception checks); Scathing Tirade (make an Average Coercion check to cause Strain on enemy)


Book’s Book