Puddles and Whiskers, New 6

This moment falls before the concert and before anything major happens.


Another Night Out…

“Why are we doing this again?” Puddles whispered to Whiskers.

Sitting across from Whiskers in the limousine, Chuck made his “what” face; good ear cocked to the side and eyes wide open complete with “what” gesture with his paws. Puddles waved him off and returned her attention to Whiskers head bobbing along with the extremely loud music sitting next to Blaster. When Whiskers did not response, Puddles grabbed his arm and shook, immediately he shot her a look.

“What is that about?” She hissed, inching closer to angry.

“I heard you the first time. I was ignoring your question because the answer is obvious. We were hired…”

“To watch them. Watch!” Puddles shouted over the music.

“And we are,” Whiskers replied with a wink.

Frustrated and furious, Puddles slammed back into her seat and pulled out her phone. Chuck, looked concerned, again she waved him off. A few swipes and a click, new frying pan ordered. That made her feel a tiny bit better…still, looking around the limousine she only saw trouble. Paying trouble, but trouble that they could handle in a different manner. She hopped over to sit next to Chuck.

“Everything okay?” He asked.

“Fine,” she replied shooting a glare at an oblivious Whisker, “Are we set?”


“Is security in place? I don’t want another bar scene.”

“No, we are not set. I haven’t had time to set up security; we are always out with these two.” Concern and irritation written across Chuck’s face.

“I know,” Puddles sighed. “Can you do that tonight?”

“When? I’m in here,” Chuck gestured at everyone.

“Next stop, get out, and get security established. I saw the same files you did…”

“Trouble,” Chuck finished.

A short time later the flying limousine came to a stop, passenger doors opened automatically, neon light flooded the darkened passenger space, followed closely by music even louder than inside the car. Whiskers exited street side, standing near the door looking for trouble. Puddles and Chuck exited curbside finding themselves surrounded by dozens of nude dancing holos welcoming all inside and the garish front door of the Glassland Exotic Club. Chuck stared, all around him flying exotic hover vehicles, shining lights, neon, and best of all no Cloud; for a brief moment Chuck was happy to be among the elites. Puddles sighed and shook her head.

“This is the place!” Blaster shouted as he exited.

The rest of the band and their hanger-ons exited the limousine on both sides forming a loose group outside the front door. Some of them continued to drink, most of them made lewd comments to or about the nude holos, and all of them waited for some direction.

“Lets go tear this place up!” someone shouted, as one the group entered the club.

After the last hanger-on entered, Puddles turned to Chuck, “Get to work. Contact me when you have security in place and make sure a team arrives here within the hour.”

For a second Chuck looked surprised at Puddles.


“This is a new you is all,” Chuck began, “I like it.”

“Don’t get used to it,” Puddles replied grabbing Whiskers as he walked past, “This is still HIS job.”


“Get your head out of your inshall,” Puddles hissed at Whiskers, “We have work to do. Chuck is leaving to speak with security. I am NOT going in there. I will be around.”

“Everything is under control,” Whisker replied.

“No, not at all,” Puddles responded irritatedly, “You go in there and watch. We will work out here.”

Whiskers stood there for a second, staring at both of them. Chuck broke eye contact to summon a ride and then began phone calls to Acid Chamber’s security. Puddles gave Whiskers a last look before crossing the elevated street on the other side she shouted to Whiskers, “Go on watch.”

Nail Clippers, Pages 15 & 16


Standing on his front porch Jenkins watched red-faced EMS personnel load Devin and Chaz into the back of the ambulance. As soon as the EMS personnel had entered the kitchen both of them started to laugh and tried contained their laughter. The longer they worked on Devin the more red-faced they got and muffled snorts came from both of them. Jenkins did not blame them, if not for the meat he had to clean off the wall, he would have been laughing with them.

Thinking of the meat mess infuriated Jenkins. The silver lining, Devin, at least, would be gone for a few days and when he returned, Jenkins had a talk prepared for him. The ambulance roared off and Jenkins went back to his kitchen, shaking his head the entire time he scrapped the meat off the wall. Barbossa stayed out of sight, she knew her master well enough to avoid his moods.

“Come on Barbossa. We have work to do,” Jenkins called out as he picked up the bags and headed for the tornado shelter.

“Meow,” from Barbossa as she ran out the backdoor.

Barbossa waited patiently as Jenkins lifted the large wooden door open and dropped the door to the side. As soon as the door was open enough for her to fit, Barbossa darted into the shelter. Before gathering up the bags, Jenkins watched the sun begin to set. The setting sun provided enough light for him to walk down the worn wooden steps into the shelter and find the light.

Moving around the small room Jenkins made note of the roots to remove and additional supplies necessary to finish his project. Smacking himself on the head for not thinking to get some freestanding shelves or a trunk first, Jenkins moved the bags to a far corner instead of unpacking them. Bored, Barbossa followed Jenkins as he made one last tour of the room.


“Are you making the drinks by hand?” Jax shouted as he entered the back of the house.

A white towel hit him square in the face.

“What,” he mumbled from beneath the towel.

Tossing the towel onto a nearby table, Jetta stood in the doorway of the kitchen wearing her favorite hat, a Cheshire grin, and nothing else. Her skin glistened and she had one hand behind her back.

“Whatcha got behind your back?” Jax asked taking in his wife’s body.

“Nothing,” she said demurely.

Click! Followed by buzzing sound that filled the room. Jetta’s arm behind her back shook; her grin got larger and her eyes lit up.

“Did it come?” Jax asked.

“I did, twice,” Jetta replied holding aloft a large red vibrator.

Winking, she turned and ran for their bedroom, Jax hot on her heels. She jumped onto the bed scrabbling for the other side when Jax caught her by the ankle; dragging her laughing over to him. He took the vibrator out of her hand, the powerful vibrations shot up his arm.

“Damn,” he said while applying the rounded head to her swollen vulva.

Jetta sucked a breath and gasped as the vibrator did its work on her crotch. Powerful vibrations tingled her clit, her pussy, and her ass. She tried to squirm away, but Jax held onto her ankle and continued to press the vibrator home.

“Enough, enough,” Jetta panted, “It’s too much.”

“Too much you say,” Jax said as he tossed the vibrator onto the pillows where it rolled down onto the bed, vibrations shaking the bed.

He undid his pants with his free hand, his erect cock sprung forth as his pants hit the floor. Grabbing her other ankle Jax pulled her to him impaling her with his cock. Putting her legs on his shoulders Jax thrust deep into Jetta. She used her legs to pull herself tighter against him. The vibrator continued to roll over the bed.

“I love the feel of your cock,” Jetta said between grunts, groans, and moans.

“I love your pussy,” Jax grunted.

A few minutes later laying together on the bed, Jetta turned off the vibrator.

“This is a keeper,” Jetta said with a smile.

“Add it to the trunk,” Jax replied.

A phone rang as they lay together enjoying post sex bliss. Neither of them moved from the bed for the first two rings, on the third Jetta rolled off the bed, Jax grasping after her, and picked up her phone from the nightstand.

“Hello? Hey Mandy.”

Jax woke up when Jetta shook him; he had fallen asleep during the call. As he rolled over, she tossed her phone on the bed and picked up the big red one. Jax watched as she opened their toy chest at the end of the bed. She lifted out the top tray of flavored lubes and set it on the bed. While she made room in the toy chest for the big red one, Jax taste tested their flavored lubes.

Coughing, Jax asked, “Do we have to keep the bacon flavored lube?”

“That bad?” she responded.

“Haven’t you tasted it?”

“No, flavored lube is more of a you thing,” Jetta responded while putting the top tray back, “I prefer au natural,” she finished with a wink.

Rolling off the bed, Jax put on his pants, “Hey, what did Mandy want?”

“Lunch tomorrow she has a new job.”

“Another job? What happened to working at that ice cream place?”

“I’ll find out over lunch.”

Puddles and Whiskers, Wash and Dry Brush Phase 15

This is the last Wash and Dry Brush for a while. Everything for a while is new. Hooray! Next up in my writing process, I allow the new to percolate for a bit. I want to look at it with “new” eyes. Then the new material goes through the same process, only a bit more thorough as I have to ensure that names (Camile or Camilie) and other details are consistent. Until then, enjoy this last wash and dry brush and enjoy the new material. 🙂


Morning over noodles

“Tang kai!”

“Un-shil ir!”

“Gaa Kha!”


The garish neon colored welcome holo outside of NiHo’s bellowed at Puddles, Whiskers, and Chuck as they entered the restaurant.

“I’m starving,” Chuck announced, heading for their “table.”

“You are always hungry,” Whiskers responded.

Sitting down, Puddles grunted in agreement.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chuck eyeballing Puddles asked.

“Just hungry,” she responded flipping through the holo-menu that popped up as she sat down, “I need some spicy noodles and to put this fe’thi case in the bank.”

Whiskers flipped through the menu before placing his order with a tap. Reaching into a pocket, he pulled out a tablet and slid it across the table to Puddles.

“This is what I have. What did you two capture?”

Puddles watched the vid non-committal grunting a few times during the playback, “We got similar footage. Chuck pulled all of their data.”

Grabbing the tablet with his black and white paw, Chuck called forth the data, “That’s everything on both of them.”

Whiskers took the tablet back and began reading.

“Can we get some better cases?” Puddles asked.

“Yeah,” Chuck chimed in.

Shooting Chuck a quick glare, “What yeah? You don’t work for us.”

“I don’t?” Chuck replied sarcastically gesturing at the table and tablet, “What was two nights ago?”

“I thought you were sleeping,” Puddles retorted with a laugh.

Whisker watched the two of them over the top of the tablet. “This looks like enough.”

“But. There is always a but,” Puddles replied.

“If the client wants more, then we will have to put in more hours.”

“I can catch up on my sleep,” Chuck said around laughs.

“Spicy pork noodles,” the clashing neon kimono garbed waiter announced.

Puddles raised his paw. Noodles in front of everyone, conversation resumed.

“Let’s hope so,” Puddles said around a mouthful of noodles.

“I think there is more than enough for her to see her husband is having an affair and with whom,” Whiskers said while dipping a slice of pork into the broth.

“What about the action?” Chuck asked.

“Action?” Whiskers replied stopping mid-dunk, “You do not mean footage of them engaging in…”

“Sex. Chuck wants to know where the proof of sex is,” Puddles interrupted.

A very pregnant silence; Whiskers looking at Puddles, Puddles waggled her brows, and Chuck tried to stifle a laugh.

“Let us hope she does not want that vid,” Whisker said, “If she does, Chuck you are wearing the recorder.”

All of them laughed and resumed eating. Whiskers pushed his empty bowl to the middle of the table and cleared his throat.

“I will take this to the client this afternoon. While I am doing that I want you,” looking at Puddles, “to review this information.” Pulling a smaller tablet out of another pocket, Whiskers slid the tablet to Puddles.

“What about me?” Chuck asked.

“I do have a job for you.”

“Really?” Puddles and Chuck said simultaneously.

“Acid Chamber wants us to start work this weekend before their concert starts. I did some preliminary work on their case, but I need you and your contacts to…”

“Already done,” Chuck interrupted his excitement evident.

Shaking his head in amusement, Whiskers finished his drink, “Good. Time for work.”

“Whiskers,” Puddles started looking up from the tablet.

“Later,” Whiskers responded shooting a quick glance at Chuck.

Standing outside NiHo’s next to their cars, “I’ll get a hold of you with what I find out later tonight,” Chuck said.

“If our client is happy, your payment should be in your account tonight,” Whiskers said to Chuck.

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll check in later,” Puddles said holding up the tablet, “I have some stuff to check out.”

Puddles and Whiskers, A Chuck Tail 2


The plan was to wait for her to leave and get another taxi to follow her. Now he had to go inside; adjusting his eyepatch and clothing, Chuck sauntered like an important person into Mills Market hoping he did not have to do import-export, whatever that was, anywhere around Lorika. Once inside he walked around the market hoping he looked like someone investigating potential import-export opportunities, mostly by walking up and down aisles picking up stuff keeping an eye open for Lorika.

“I see,” intoned a human man wearing what Chuck only assumed was a costume who grabbed the largest container of mustard on the shelf, “much travel and trouble ahead,” his voice reaching an epic volume and pitch as he smashed the mustard on the ground at Chuck’s feet, “for YOU!”

Mustard splashed and sprayed over Chuck’s boots, pants, and tail. Facing Chuck, the man grabbed a jar of something off the shelf and held it aloft, “You will face,” smashing the jar to the ground; pickle juice covering Chuck head to toe, “three obstacles.”

Chuck jumped back, as a bottle of ketchup splashed where he had stood.

“A woman with blonde hair!” the man shouted reaching for something else, “much blood and a fall. The signs do not lie.”

“What is your problem!” Beyond angry, Chuck stepped towards the costumed man.

Mayonnaise splattered Chuck in thick globs, stopping him in his tracks. Behind the man, store security raced down the aisle. At the end of the aisle, Lorika stood watching the scene, a bemused and shocked look on her face. The security officer tackled the man from behind, the floor covered in ketchup, mustard, pickle juice, and mustard providing no stoppage, they slid into Chuck knocking him on top of them.

From the bottom of the pile, “The signs do not lie.”

“Shut up,” Chuck said standing up covered head to toe in condiments.

You look like a work of modern art,” Lorika laughed. “Is import-export always this exciting?”

“Are you okay sir,” store security asked while restraining the now silent man.

Chuck looked himself over, a modern art mess for sure, “Other than the mess, I’m fine. Will you need me for anything?”

“No, sir. Everything is on vid. Would you like to use our facilities to clean up?”

“Is your cab still available?” Chuck asked Lorika.

“As soon as I check out,” she replied.

Looking at the security officer, “Thank you for the offer. I’ll catch a ride home and change.”

Store security escorted the man away; “No, import-export is not this exciting,” Chuck answered her question, hoping he was right.

Sharing a laugh, they walked back to the cab, after Lorika finished her purchase; “Back to your place?” she asked getting into the driver’s seat.

Thinking fast, making a show of looking at his watch and looking alarmed, “Oh dancor! I have a meeting I cannot miss, if I get there early enough I can wash up and change there.”

Lorika, showed no signs of interest, “Where at?”

“Aranoth Building, 59th floor, east side,” he replied.

Without another word, she launched the taxi into traffic.

Puddles and Whiskers, A Chuck Tail 1

A Chuck Tail

“Sal you crack me up,” Chuck said to the holo-of Sal the Salesman moving from door to door in an attempt to sell the latest in self-cleaning droid technology.

Sal the korogin holo-walked past Chuck’s favorite chair, knocking on the door in front of Chuck’s bookcase. A tired looking cymean woman wearing a flowered hat on the left side of her head stuck her head out the door; Chuck could not stop laughing at the image.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” holo-Sal began.

“Afternoon,” the holo cymean woman responded in a high tone.

“My name is…[incoming call]…Sales…[incoming call]..”

Pressing pause on the arm of his chair, “Deity damnit!” Chuck swore while stabbing the call button.

“What!” he shouted.

“Is that how you greet your mother?” Puddles voice purred from the speakers around Chuck’s living room.

Sitting up straight, even though nobody, especially Puddles could see him, Chuck responded, “Only when she owes me money or interrupts Sal the Salesman.”

Puddles laughed, “You still watch that hundru show?”

Chuck’s fur bristled at the insult for a brief second, “Better than some of the crap you watch,” he retorted. “You have a job for me?”

“Maybe,” she teased.

Chuck thought too long for a retort or response, nothing came, he settled for silence, one the better responses, he learned, to Puddles needling.

“Chuck, you still there?” She asked, silence for the win.

Standing up, dusting remnants of his snack onto the floor, he would need a self-cleaning droid soon if this kept up he thought, “Yeah, I’m still here. What do you have for me?”

“Depends. How much free time do you have?”

Chuck swallowed the quick retort and went with, “I’m free for paying jobs.”

“Excellent,” Puddles responding, “Sending you the details.”

His watch blinked three times; details received, “Got the details. Anything I need to know before I read this?”

“Nothing unusual, a simple tracking job. Swing by the office when you finish.”

Case details replaced Sal the Salesman, “Will do.”

Puddles ended the call while Chuck walked around his living room reading the details. Puddles was not lying, a simple track job of Lorika wageslave for Tranco Citywide; follow her around for the day, taking vid of where she stops, and who she talks to, easy enough.

Eight hours later

Chuck staggered into Puddles and Whiskers Office, his clothing covered in food, his fur matted, and a haggard almost defeated look on his face. Flopping down in a chair in front of Puddles side of the desk, he tossed a vid-stick and a broken eyepatch onto her mess.

Puddles looked up, looked shocked-eyes wide, “What happened to you?”

“Watch the vid. You guys have any coffee ready?”

“Sure, check the break room.”

Puddles inserted the vid-stick into her desk display as Chuck staggered to get coffee, from the breakroom he could hear her laughter, then Whiskers joined in the laughter.

Easy Enough…

Hailing her cab was easy enough using the Tranco Citywide application. Standing on the 57th floor near the Cloud was not so easy. Chuck looked at his watch, ten minutes late; he wondered how Tranco stayed in business. Suppressing a cough from the pollution and backing further into the corner to block the biting wind, he waited.

With the beep of a horn and roaring of engines, a green Tranco taxi pulled up to the curb. The passenger door slid open, and a female voice asked, “You waiting for a ride?”

Adjusting his eyepatch over his left eye, Chuck swaggered, as he thought an important person would, over to the taxi. A quick look at the driver before sitting down, positive match to Lorika. Sitting in the back, he set his carryall on the floor behind her seat.

“Where you headed?” she asked



Puddles and Whiskers, New 5

Two things, I hate names. I hate naming things and I hate having to remember how I spelled a name. If you notice that Camile or Camilie or Camlie…you get the idea, I will catch and correct all of them in the next editing pass.

The other thing is not a hate, this scene takes place before the first Acid Chamber prep meeting while Whiskers is breaking the bad news to CamhoweverIspelledit and follows Puddles chasing down the file Whiskers received while on the job of chasing down the cheating hubby. Enjoy. 🙂

Running Down Clues

“Interpersonal skills, my furry ass,” Puddles mumbled to herself.

For the third time in as many minutes, she looked at the data on the tablet. The address matched up; however, the holo of a storefront did not match the building she stood in front of, Medical Offices of Tablix and Aslan. Puddles leaned against the wall next to the front doors, making an inquiry on the tablet data appeared.

Doctor Tablix and Doctor Aslan licensed through the city, general practitioners, and recently moved their offices to the location she stood next too. Looking over the reviews, each one a glowing testament to their skills and affordability, too glowing the cynical side of Puddles screamed. Another data search more information, another image of each doctor to compare to their licensing images; at least she knew what they looked like. Nothing outstanding in any public record.

A vid-chat notice popped up in the upper corner of her tablet; Whiskers. Stepping away from the wall, she sat on a bench near the street and tapped the icon.

“What’s up?” She asked. “Stop looking you can’t see where I am at.”

“Camile left,” Whiskers said with a sigh.

“Something wrong? She didn’t stiff us did she?”

“The isstas are in the account.”

“Good. Then what is bothering you?”

“I do not like chasing down cheating spouses and delivering the news.”

“Neither do I, but we need the isstas,” Puddles replied watching two gangers enter the doctor’s office. “That’s odd.”


“Patients of the doctors don’t look like they live in the area.”

“How much longer do you need? We have a lot of work to do for Acid Chamber,” Puddles was positive Whiskers tone improved. What he heard in their music was beyond her.

“If you or Chuck don’t need me I’m going to spend a few more hours watching this place. Something is off.”

“So there was something of use in that file,” Whiskers said with a smirk.

“Yes, it does,” Puddles, mumbled.

“Meet us at the office when you are done.”

“Later,” Puddles touched the icon ending the call.

Looking around wageslave hell, Puddles spotted a coffee shop with a good view. Plenty of time to watch who entered and left the doctor’s office before a boring meeting. Taking an elevated walkway to cross the street, Puddles marveled at the sights; four lanes of flying traffic above and below the walkway, express elevators rushing up and down the sides of the buildings, and everywhere people working in offices or moving to work. Before entering the building with the coffee shop, Puddles took one last look up, nothing but more traffic, the Cloud, and buildings.

“Welcome,” greeted the overly cheery wageslave behind the counter. “What can I make you?”

Puddles looked at the holo-menu boards coming close to passing out from all of the choices. The coffee place near their offices had coffee and not much else. Someone behind her made an exasperated noise. Puddles shook her head.

“Coffee. Just you largest cup of coffee,” she finished before the cheery wageslave could launch into his prepared litany of types and sizes of coffee.

“Would you like something to eat, such as…”

“Just the largest cup of coffee,” Puddles interrupted ignoring the wageslave’s shocked look.

Giant cup of coffee in hand, Puddles navigated the room looking for a seat near the window with a clear view of the doctor’s office. Dozens of people of all species, the only unifying things, branded coffee and wageslave uniforms. After dodging the hundredth individual with their face in some electronic device ignoring the world around them, Puddles was thankful for the job she had. Spying an available seat, Puddles elbowed a wageslave out of the way, mumbled an apology, and sat down.

After the second pair of gangers entered the doctor’s office, Puddles began noting the times of their arrival and departure. From her seat, Puddles could not see any changes between when a pair entered and left. Maybe they all had a cold, she sarcastically thought. Every hour and a half another pair; never the same pair nor anyone before. All of gangers from two or three gangs, as best she could tell by their appearance.

Finishing her coffee, Puddles looked at her notes, several pages of information and images, this might be the lead to re-open the case; after Acid Chamber.

Nail Clippers, Pages 13 & 14


Soon enough we reach the point where the story went off the rails in my head. Until then, enjoy. 🙂


Jax carried several bags of fertilizer to the garden behind the porch; his rose plants needed some attention. Dropping the bags, two rabbits hopped off. If Jetta would let him, he would do something about those rabbits, but she insisted they he leave them alone. Every year, she started a garden and every year the rabbits ate most of it. Circle of life indeed. Jetta joined him carrying a tray of plants.

“Hey, my rabbits,” she cheerfully said, pointing at the white tails hoping around a corner.

“Yes, your rabbits,” Jax said sarcastically, “This year…”

“You will not do anything to my rabbits,” Jetta interrupted.

“What? No, this year I am going to get a blue rose.”

Every year he tried to grow a blue rose and while Jetta thought he would never be successful, she had to admit that some of the roses he did grow were pretty and the color in the yard was always pleasant.

Putting on her best, “of course you will look,” “This will be the year.”

“Don’t give me that look. This is the year,” he replied as he started unpacking the tray of plants.

“Want something to drink?”

“Please,” Jax replied, arranging the plants in neat rows.

In the kitchen, Jetta wiped off the counter before opening the refrigerator; reaching for two Cokes, the doorbell sounded, ding-dong, followed by a knock. Leaving the refrigerator door open, Jetta answered the front door; at the door was a short woman wearing a dark blue Package Express Nationwide International Services uniform. Her white name patch proudly announcing her name, Erin. She smiled at Jetta, and then frowned as an ambulance roared down the street. Jetta looked down the street after the ambulance and shrugged her shoulders.

“I have your package,” Erin said cheerfully, as she held up a box wrapped in brown paper, “Uh…”

The brown paper box buzzed and shook hard enough to cause Erin’s hands to shake. Jetta heard the loud buzzing and gave Erin a knowing smirk. Jetta took the vibrating box from Erin’s hands. Holding onto the box made her fingertips started to tingle. Erin pulled a handheld signature device from a hip holster and held it out to Jetta who set the box down. Vibrating on the ground the box started to move, Jetta put a foot on top of the box halting the box’s escape.

“It’s from my aunt,” Jetta said with another smirk as she signed on the line.

“Have a good day,” Erin said with a smile, raising an eyebrow towards the vibrating box under Jetta’s foot.